Breezy Days: Rebellion in Provo


June 22, 2012

Rebellion in Provo

{A work outfit from the other day}

It's only 3:30pm and my day has already been very rebellious and exciting!
I woke up at 8am to go to Zumba with Nikole, then I look at my phone and I have three text messages from Facebook, telling me that someone is trying to log into my Facebook account from Alabama. 
Thank goodness I put a security thing-a-ma-bob on it that requires a confirmation code for any new device that my page logs into.
Changed the password.
Definitely didn't go to Zumba.
Then Nikole and I decided to hit up the Glenwood pool, in our vintage looking bikinis.
We soaked in the sun for a good 20-30 minutes before a balding man in his late 40's reminds us that it is BYU approved housing and what we were wearing was not appropriate.
At least he said it nicely, which I can appreciate.
We  BOUNCED outta that joint!
Since when did Glenwood become such a righteous place??
Then we hit up Plato's Closet to find some cute, cheap, and modest stuff to wear.
I found a 5 dollar top I wanted, so I left Nikole in line to walk out to the car to grab my wallet.
Two men are walking towards their construction truck....

"Hey there pretty lady, nice day huh?"

"Ya, it's gorgeous out."

*He sees my California license plate*

"You're a long way from home I see. Do you go to school?"


"Do you go to BYU? Because we are working on the new life science building there, yurr sure gonna like it! *insert lots of smiling and him not being conspicuous at all about checking me out*"

"I'm sure I would love it if I was a science major *insert awkward laugh, and I keep walking*"

"Ohhhh I seeeeeee, whatcha studyin?"

"Family studies, music, and dance"

"OHHHH, you dance?! I love that movie with Antonio Banderas, where he does this *insert construction dude imitating the tango*, what's that called again??"

"....the tango?"

"OH yesssss! *Shakes my hand* Hi, my name is Gary"

"Hi, I'm Bri. Have a nice day!"

Then I hurriedly walk away before he can ask for my number.
I wasn't wearing my ring because I was just at the pool and didn't want it to get ruined or lost -_-

I guess I still got it?
Hahahaha, oh gosh.
Top, Belt: American Eagle//Pants: Anthro via Trendy Xchange//Scarf: Trendy Xchange//
Earrings, Sandals: Francescas//Headband, Purse: Anthropologie

Then we get In-N-Out and ask for 2 sides of spread for each of us.
Apparently that is asking wayyyyy too much, it's unheard of!
Oh well, I scarfed my In-N-Out fries happily with my 2 sides of spread.
I'm stickin' it to the man.

I guess you don't have to try too hard to be rebellious here :)

<3 Bri


Jan said...

Haaa! Cute earrings! I love your positive attitude about the things that happened to you! I mightve been cranky by now if all of that happened. Haha

I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

Meredith said...

haha, I died laughing. Getting hit on is the worst!! My favorite part was: "Hi, I'm Bri. Have a nice day!" Classic :D


Hima said...

I laughed my whole way through this! But seriously, way to put a positive spin on it.


Sar said...

You are adorable! I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but you and Blake Lively are totally twinsies!

Love your blog! Found you via Fearless and Frugal while bloghopping!

[life of love]

Unknown said...

Cute outfit and what a funny day out!