Breezy Days: Cleopatra


June 20, 2012


A while back I texted my friend Jill, who is now graduated from Paul Mitchell hair school, and begged her to help me out of my hair rut.
I was consistently having bad hair days, and that's totes not koshe.
She pointed me towards Paul Mitchell hair products, brushes, and a curling rod.
Oh my gosh, best stuff EVER.

 I'm pretty much neurotic and obsessive about my hair.
{Along with my teeth! Hence getting the braces on again :)}
And now that I know what is good for my hair, and what looks good on me, I'll never go back to making dumb mistakes.
{Freshmen year, October 2009}

One time, I went to a cheap hair salon to get my hair cut and asked for side swept bangs.
She cut them so short, they looked like antennas.
I cried in the chair.
And that's the last time I payed 15 bucks with tip on a hair cut.

Another time, I was getting my eyebrows tinted {because otherwise they are non-existent}, and I come home and get laughed at by my brothers.
Why you ask?
Only because I looked like a chola or Groucho Marx, my eyebrows were BLACK.
Definitely spent that night attacking my eyebrows with peroxide and didn't go to school the next day.

I also had a semi-nervous breakdown Freshmen year of college, and what did I do?
{Freshmen year, November 2009}

At this time in my life I was loving 500 Days of Summer and wanted to look like Zooey Deschanel..
Obviously this hair do only looks good on Zooey Deschanel.
My brothers called me Cleopatra till I grew those dang bangs out.
I also had the brilliant idea to get my hair hacked from half way down my back. to right below my shoulders.
My dad definitely looked like he was gonna cry when I showed up for Thanksgiving.
Now I keep my hair in the really long range, with tons of layers, side swept bangs, and some natural highlights, and I definitely pay 40 bucks for a hair cut. 
I promise you it's worth the peace of mind.
I'm playin' it safe :)

Do you guys scrimp or splurge on hair stuff?

<3 Bri 


Andi said...

Confession - I go to Great Clips whenever I get the $5.99 coupon to get my hair trimmed. I've paid for fancy haircuts before and I just don't think it is worth it. Stylists just don't know what to do with my curls!
BTW, I think your Cleopatra bangs are cute!

Kyla Ford said...

I think you totally rocked the bangs.. Just saying. I tried bangs once too! I totally loved them but felt like I just didn't pull it off like I hoped. <3

Randi said...

splurge...without a doubt...there goes my allowance :)

x said...

I think it's all about the hair stylist and not the price. I've had expensive haircuts that did not turn out at all, but now I pay 20 bucks and I get the perfect cut everytime thanks to my awesome stylist gal. She knows what type of cut my crazy curly hair needs and she's not afraid to tell me when my ideas are totally gonna end up with me on tears ;)

Jan said...

I have that typical super straight Asian hair so I don't think I have to take care of my hair that much. I have this Korean place I go to every time I need a hair cut :)

I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

Unknown said...

Love your blog! I'm super lucky one of my good friends cuts me a deal by doing my hair! $30.00 for cut and color, can't beat it. One of the many reasons I heart her.

Feel free to visit me at:

Nadine said...

Hair is the ultimate place to splurge! It's your permanent hat. I won't pay for a manicure or pedicure, I shop at thrift stores, and I'm always using coupons. And yet, I always spend the big bucks on my hair. I wish I could do side bangs like yours! My hair is just too funky (cowlick?) to make it happen.

Bekah said...

I'm a big spender on hair. I've had the same hairdresser since I was 11 and I have followed her to every salon! Expensive, but worth it! I literally walk in every time with 20 pictures saying "I want this length, those layers, those bangs" and she does it to a T!!!

Bekah said...

I'm a big spender on hair. I've had the same hairdresser since I was 11 and I have followed her to every salon! Expensive, but worth it! I literally walk in every time with 20 pictures saying "I want this length, those layers, those bangs" and she does it to a T!!!

{EnLove With Life} said...

I'm growing my hair out right now, so I'm not spending much time or money on trims. But I don't mind spending money on good hair cuts. You wear you hair every day.

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all your vintage hair pics. Such a cute idea!

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I like the bangs actually... I am with you though, I have tried to do some stuff on my own and actually just recently posted about a "britney" moment where I cut all my hair off MYSELF... its just now to a point where I am ok with how it looks... grow baby grow :)

xo Teresa

Courtney said...

Splurge for sure! My hair products are all expensive but they work so well that I can't give them up!

My hair stylist is awesome and thankfully only charges $45 for a cut, I've paid $80 before!

I also love my expensive hair tools :) I make up for the outrageous price of my hair stuff by going cheap on other products I use but come on, hair is a girls best accesory!!

Unknown said...

Definately splurge! Im totally obsessive about my hair and i would probably die if i got a bad haircut :) Ive never even died my hair because im scaed that i will permanently mess up the honey blonde color that it is naturally (which i love anyway).


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