Breezy Days: 'round these parts


September 30, 2012

'round these parts

Sooooo much has gone down this week.
Thursday: surprise birthday dinner
Friday: s'mores birthday party
Saturday: girls day getting nails done
and now we've come to Sunday....
where I will be doing a truckload of homework.
This last week has been crazy, and this next week is gonna be wayyyy crazier.
2 tests, 3 essays, and a bunch of little short essay assignments.
I love how everything school-wise always happens to fall on the same week!
Welcome to being a student I guess??
I'm sure as a way of procrastinating, you'll see me around these parts :)
Wish me luck!
<3 Bri


Faerie Eye said...

Those shoes are way too cute!!!

Jenny said...

You look adorable, not that I would expect any less! I am loving your new bag by the way...thanks for linking up to Sunday Style :)
Modern Modest Beauty

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

What a great color combo and totally chic for fall! You're too cute, Bri!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Rachel said...

Your shoes...are amazingly perfect. I wish I had them! And yeah...I've always been convinced that there's some sort of conspiracy between teachers to make sure that students never get a chance to relax!