Breezy Days: dear...


September 7, 2012


Dear Pomsky {aka Nugget},
I WILL dress you up like this {in the picture above} in cute little raybans.
Everytime I see this pic, no fail...I start to tear up because of the ridiculous amount of cuteness.
Don't hate.

Dear Body, 
Can you stop being sick? 
I got homework to do, a house to clean, clothes to organize, walls to paint and work to make cash monies at. You are of no help.

Dear Wanna-be Rebellious Side,
If you weren't a goodie two-shoes, you know...your whole life. 
You probably would have considered getting this.

Dear Normal Friends,
Wow, what would I do without you? 
You always reassure me that I'm still sane in this small & wacky town.

Dear Mom & Dad,
Seriously. Best parents ever. 
Dad signed up for Fantasy Football with Ryan and Mom is stoked about leopard print wedges. 
How cool are you two??

Dear Husband,
Thank you for taking care of me while I'm a total sick-o. 
I know I've eaten like half a bag of Turtle Chex Mix and feel like a poofy plop
but you still think I'm cute :)

<3 Bri 


Jenny said...

I almost died of laughter from that pic of your cute little dog!!! So cute!

Courtney said...

The girl that reminds me of you at my Francesca's helped me pick out jewelry for my dress for a wedding today! Is it weird that she reminds me of you yet we've never met? Lol

Brianna Rios said...

Totally not weird at all!!! I feel like we've already met and been friends. Now we just gotta make it happen :)