Breezy Days: dear...


September 14, 2012


Dear Husband,
Ok ok...I get that you hate taking outfit pictures.
It's really un-manly and what not.
 how do you expect me to show off all my cute & finds to all my bloggy friends without a photoshoot?!
Now I've resorted to secretly taking pictures in the BYU bathrooms before someone comes out of the toilet.

Dear Halloween Decorations in Target,
Seriously, if you want to spend your whole paycheck this weekend, go to the Target Halloween section.
I dare you.

Dear Fall,
Boots. Carmel Apple Cider drinks from Starbucks. Pumpkin patches. Apple Cider candles. Sweaters. Scarves. Crisp air. Non-humid hair-dos.
Thinking about you makes me all warm & fuzzy!

Dear Friday,
No work? Check.
Caught up on most of my hw? Check.
Date night!? Score.

Have a nice weekend :)
<3 Bri


The Millers said...

that is totally me, My husband thinks it is hilarious to take outfit shots... I don't even want to ask him. And I can't wait for fall. . jealous of your nice weather in utah! said...

love the riding boots and the oversized sweater! i keep saying i'm going to try this look!


Kyla Ford said...

Oh Fall!! Love the oversized sweaters! Cute Boots!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

That is such a perfect fall outfit! Yes please to everything on that list: the boots, the oversized sweaters.... ah. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress in the top photos! You're adorable :)


Jenny said...

Ha ha ha, cute post! LOVE that floral dress and those great brown boots! I feel your pain with the Halloween decor. . .it's a good thing I have a small apartment with no storage space, otherwise I would be buying out the whole store!

xo Jenny

Unknown said...

i love all the halloween target stuff too!

New follower!
Have a great week! Drop by and say hello!

Kim Bird said...

Cute blog. found you via abcdeblog. :)New follower.

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

Love it! I havent done an outfit post in what feels like forever! I need to start wearing "outfits" again and not just t-shirts and jeans. I love both of your self-shot photos of cuteness! I think you do pretty okay with that iphone camera :)

I cannot wait for the solid 2 weeks of "Fall" we get in Florida... I am already planning "winter" looks, lol!

xo T

Mikelle Jade said...

Those boots are AMAZING. and I'm glad you post outfit photos, even without an "outfit shoot" with the husband... my husband hates it too! I think they just don't get it!

Bev said...

Your white ruffled cardigan is just too adorbs!! Love the whole outfit! AND your boots!!