Breezy Days: tender mercies


September 6, 2012

tender mercies

I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days.
The whole body ache, head ache, stomach ache, lack of energy thing.
You are totally nodding your head right now, knowing exactly what I'm talking about.

Instead of telling you all how insanely crappy I feel....
 I wanted to tell you about some little blessings that have come my way today.

1. My Assistant Manager at Francescas is just awesome, she was able to let me come in for part of my shift tonight. And another Frannies friend covered the rest of my shift so I could go home and crash, they are so sweet!

2. My dear husband was more than happy to drive me to & from work. Plus he took care of me all day today with hugs and Zupas.

3. After posting on Instagram that I didn't feel too well, a friend offered to send me notes for a class that I had missed. She just added the class to her schedule and realized that I was in her same section, what are the odds??

4. During my 2-hour shift, a little bloggy friend popped in, anyone know Rachel Sayumi?
It was completely by chance that she was coming in to look for jewelry for her bridal shoot {how fun!!} and I just happened to be working.
Holy moly, she is too fun to talk to, she definitely lifted my spirits!

5. Finally, after Ryan & I got home.
I barely get situated on my couch to die, then hear the doorbell ring.
I am wondering who the heck is coming over at 9 at night {I know, I'm old..9 is late for me}.
I open the door and practically hyperventilate.
 It is one of my best friends, Erik, from my Freshmen summer here at BYU.
He is back from his 2-year LDS mission, and is now living in Provo.
He just randomly decided to walk over to my house to pop in & say hello.

{All the guys in this picture are my best friends, the two guys on the left and center are still on their missions, and the guy on the right, Erik, is the one who popped by! This picture is from 3 years ago, so weird!}

It's sure nice to know that my Heavenly Father is making sure I'm doing ok by sending these awesome people my way!

Any tender mercies come your way this week?

<3 Bri


Courtney said...

That's awesome girl :) Love it when we notice the little things in our lives instead of focusing on the negative :)

Katia said...

Ouu I have yet to meet a bloggy friend in person, that must have been exciting!!! And yay for surprise friend visits! Especially ones you haven't seen in ages!

I hope you feel better soon, keep looking on the bright side!


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet of you to mention me girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you feel better! I loveddd talking to you! That's why i was in there for like an hour lol!!!

huecmpm said...

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