Breezy Days: kara's kustoms iphone case


September 9, 2012

kara's kustoms iphone case

Let's be real, who doesn't depend on their phone nowadays.
My entire life {to-do lists, schedules, numbers, emails}, are all in this little rectangular box, so I need to protect it!
{Especially since I'm so dang clumsy}
I was sent the Kara's Kustom's Aluminum Iphone 4 case, and this is my list of Pros & Cons :)

-practically indestructible for when I throw my phone around
-can set the phone on it's side with ease to watch a video or to take pictures
-sleek design made of aluminum or copper
-comes in multiple colors: red, blue, green and silver
-would be perfect for someone who is not particularly careful with their phone!

-when your phone heats up, the case does too
-too bulky at the corners to fit into a men's pocket with ease 
-prevents use of the very edges of the touch screen

Not only does Kara's Kustoms create their own Iphone cases, but they also sell:
Ipad cases, classy pens, sleek salt & pepper shakers, and more!

Check it out!
<3 Bri 


Samantha said...

I won a Kara's Kustoms iphone case on a blog giveaway a few weeks ago! I agree with your pros & cons. Love how durable it is, because, like you, i'm a bit clumsy too! Also, there are a few more colors - I have it in violet. :)

Suzzie Vehrs said...

I don't have an iphone, I've got the samsung galaxy sIII which is the bomb diggity. Anyways that baby is so protected, if it broke, my life would be over. Or well, just hard to get back. haha.

The Millers said...

I love this case. Totally necessary because we really do use our phones for everything we do. I am a new follower, come follow along:

carryalex said...

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