Breezy Days: i like bees on my necklaces, not up my skirt


September 1, 2012

i like bees on my necklaces, not up my skirt

Welcome to the front of my house!
See all that nastiness on the front step?

Ryan, Evan {the brother} and I assaulted the step because

Um, no joke.
WASPS living in the step.
They would attack visitors as they would come to our front door, fly up my dress, and one even flew up my brother-in-law's pants and stung him.
Then finally I decided that I had had ENOUGH.

We hauled our buns to Home Depot to buy some killer wasp spray & caulk.
We made a plan.
10:00 at night, we would do it.
It's about to go down.
Evan sprayed inside the crack where the wasps would travel in and out, then we made haste to hurry up and caulk the holy tar out of it.

In the midst of smoothing and applying the caulk...

Evan and I look at each other with jaws dropped. 
Screaming ensued and with reckless abandon we stuffed the caulk into the crack. 
Half screaming and half laughing I ask Evan "Do wasps sleep?!"
He yelled "BRI. WHO CARES?!" as we rush to finish the step.

Finally it was finished.
I was content. 
Then this....
See that hole there?
And that wasp smiling for my little picture?
I pretty much had a hissy cow fit.
So, the other night Ryan sprayed and re-caulked the step.
No more wasps....for now. 
Moral of the story...
wasps are tenacious and are determined to attack you on our front step.

At least it will deter potential robbers, right?

<3 Bri


Katia said...

Oh maan, wasps are awful little buggers! I stayed at my grandma's and she wanted to kill the wasps in the windows of the bedrooms that are never used (but that we were going to use on our visit!) and she totally nonchalantly opens the window and sprays the wasps just like that, while im backing away like a total wimp LOL!

LOVE your necklace by the way!
xo said...

Wow! That was nuts! I've never been stung by a wasp and I don't know if I could handle it! Maybe the wasp snuck through while the caulk was still drying? It just seems nuts to that he could eat his way through! Well, hopefully they are gone for good!
Love your blog, by the way!

Eryka said...

We had a wasp problem too. They made a nest in our porch light. I about died every time I went to get the mail or water my flowers. They suck!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Oh my gosh we seriously had a hornet infestation at our place too! They're everywhere, but they're inside. No fun. And then we bug bombed the apartment, and then they came back THE NEXT DAY. AH girl I feel ya!

P.S. Your ad looks fabulous on my sidebar :)

Jenny said...

Ewww, I HATE HATE HATE wasps! We have a wasps nest up above our garage and are going to tackle it tonight (and by "we" I mean my husband, cause there is no way I will go near that thing). Anyway, I love that dress...come link up to Sunday Style :)

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

You look adorable! That Wasp probably has a crush on you and your infinite amounts of hotness! Dont hate the wasp baby darlin' - it's your fault for making him fall in love with you!

xo Teresa

Brielle said...

We have a gigantic colony of wasps living on our balcony and they scare me like none other. I feel ya!