Breezy Days: a vintage carnival wedding


August 28, 2012

a vintage carnival wedding

I'm gonna guess real quick what you are thinking right now:
"Bri. What the crap. Another wedding post?!" 

Think about it though...
I'm Mormon.
It's summer time.
And we like to get married in between school semesters.
That's whats up.

If you were also thinking just how many weddings I've been in?
 Zannie's at the end of April in Las Vegas.
Alexa's the beginning of August in Phoenix.
And just recently {as of last Saturday} Nikole's wedding in Provo :)
They got married under a gazebo, in a cute 'lil park with a wooden bridge, duck pond, and river.
Nikole's brother played the guitar as the little ring & flower boys dressed as vintage page boys walked down the aisle tossing petals, then they were followed by Nikole in her gown.
The ceremony was touching and just so tender & sweet.
I even saw Ryan tearing up...shhhh, don't tell him I posted that ;)

Their theme?
A vintage carnival wedding.
Filled with lots of purple and cream colors.
Tulle poof balls, purple roses, lace, pinwheel boutonnieres and bouquets, and suspenders.
Too cute!!!
Plus, Nikole...MY NEW SISTER, looked absolutely goooorgeous in her gown :)
The bridesmaids dresses were all from Modcloth.
We each decked them out with our own little touches!
 Mine were some lace-up espadrilles, a sparkly gold belt and a sparkly gold Francesca's necklace.
It made for the casual/vintage feel.
I totally loved the dress & can't wait to wear it more in the fall with some tights, boots, and sweaters!!!
Can you tell that I'm already excited for fall weather?!
We are soooo excited for the new Rios clan & are so happy for them!
Wahoo for more married friends!

<3 Bri


Suzzie Vehrs said...

Oh my gosh that is such a fun theme. Going to lots of wedding s is so much fun

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I love the statement "Im Mormon. It's summer time. And we like to get married in between school semesters. That's whats up."

I think that is just about the cutest/slash/sweetest thing I have heard ever!

xo T

Jennifer said...

What a cute wedding theme!
Your dress is so cute!

xo Jennifer

Bree said...

Aww how cute! I almost did a vintage carnival theme for our wedding. Its adorable!

And modcloth dress? Bonus cuz you can TOTALLY wear that again!!


Michelle Hartly said...

What a lovely tribute to a beautiful day. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

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