Breezy Days: Benexa Wedding Part 2


August 14, 2012

Benexa Wedding Part 2

I'm pretty much gonna attack you with some more wedding pics, cause who doesn't like that?
One of my best friends Alexa got married to her bestest friend Ben in the LDS Mesa temple.
It was...get this, 108 DEGREES OUTSIDE.
No one really cared about the heat because the new Mr & Mrs Tateoka came out of the temple all glowing and smiles!
Finally a married couple!!!
Woot woot for more married friends! :)
Here is our little car pool group: Cody, Alex, myself and Ryan.
Seriously one of the funnest groups to hang with!

We had ourselves a blast: eating at IHop at 1 in the morning, frantically searching JCPennys for suspenders, showing up late to the wedding and to the luncheon, then showing up early to the reception, dancing our bums off on the dance floor, exploring Downtown Phoenix, listening to live music, eating delish breakfast burritos, and chilling in the pool with the hot as hell temperature. 

The reception hall was absolutely stunning, it completely embodied the Spanish theme that Ben & Alexa were going for, very very classy!
I totally bawled during the father/daughter dance, loved the nostalgia of Benexa's video telling how the met, fell in love then how Ben proposed, and definitely enjoyed Ben singing Chicago's "You're the Inspiration" with background dancers to Alexa.

For sure one of the best wedding's I've ever been too :)
Stay tuned for the last installment of the Benexa wedding!

<3 Bri 

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