Breezy Days: a world i never knew existed


August 15, 2012

a world i never knew existed

Ok, I just woke up and I have to...just HAVE TO write down my experience from last night before I forget it completely and can never ever tell it correctly again.

Evan is in town for the week and since Ryan is not much of a dancer, Evan is kind enough to take me out dancing whenever we are together.
He was dying to hit up some West Coast Swing at a place off of Center Street in Provo.

After much debate of going at 11 o'clock at night on a Cafe Rio filled stomach, we decided to go.
I left on my leggings from work, put on a glitzy top, grabbed my sparkly latin ballroom shoes 
and was ready to bounce!
Evan double checked:
"Hey Bri, you have your wedding ring on, right? 
Ok good...just don't want some random guys asking you to dance."
I thought it was kind of odd that he was asking...but whatevs, he can be the protective younger brother.

We get to the dance club, pay our dues and head out to the dance floor.
After some hardcore swing and cha cha dancing Evan runs into a girl he knows and sits to talk to her.
Whilst he is conversing, I sit my own buns down cause I haven't freaking worked out in like 2 weeks and dancing for 2 songs in heels is already getting me all out of breath.
I know I know....I'm so bad.
As soon as I sit down to take a breather, a guy asks me to dance and I warn him that I haven't danced in a while and that I'm a bit rusty.
He notices immediately between the dance shoes and my dance grip that I'm not a regular to west coast swing.
I totally stuck out cause of my sparkly heels...everyone knew that I was not one of "them".
And sidenote, how in the world can you tell by my dance grip?!

I run to sit my buns down again, because at this point I'm sweating up a storm and I'm pretty sure I stink between dancing and running around at work all today.
As soon as I sit down, another guy asks me to dance! 
Then another, then another, then another....pretty sure no one looked at my wedding ring.
Or really cared for that matter.
Totally thought that was weird. Nowwwww I understand why Evan was double checking about my ring.

Regardless of the ridiculously forward guys, it was so much fun to dance again!
At the end of the night, I took off my ballroom shoes and put on my sparkly leopard flip flops.
Are you noticing my obsession with sparkly things yet?
A guy leans in to talk to me over the loud music and asks:
"Are you new around here? I haven't seen you before, would you like to dance?"
"Well, I just put on my flip flops...."
"Oh that's fine, come onto the dance floor."
Turns out...
the guy is the owner of the studio and he pretty much gives me a free lesson on how to do the West Coast Swing properly.
Even with my flip flops he could tell I was used to ballroom dancing...because of my dance grip.
What is up with that?!

He gave me a full on lesson and danced with me for 2-3 songs while Evan waited for me at the front door watching me and my new dance partner like a hawk.
 After the songs I thanked my new friend and ran out to the car with Evan.

Did you ever think of how weird the blogging world was when you first started to blog?
It was a community that I never knew existed and when I try to explain it to anyone who isn't a blogger, they just don't understand how I can make random connections with people over the internet.

I definitely felt the same way at the west coast swing club.
Everyone knew each other and knew what the heck was going on.
It was a whole new community of dancing that I never knew existed!

Can't wait to take Ryan there so he can supervise while I'm dancing :)

<3 Bri 


Janette said...

Oh my gosh Bri! My husband would've been like.." You danced with how many guys, Janette???" Goodbye dance club Anyway. Sounds like you had a blast exploring this new side of dancing!


Brielle said...

Haha this is awesome. I've been there to do swing a couple times, and I get told the same thing about my dance grip! Haha weird.

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like such an amazing night! My friend in HS and I watched Swing Kids about 30 times to learn the swing scene and did the little 2 minute dance for a talent show opener. It was a blast :)

I also know what you mean about the blogging community... When I first started a blog (back in my Jr. year of HS) I didnt give it much thought, but in the last few years its really turned into a community where I have made great friendships. When I mention it to people aside from my Mom, they just look at me weird. haha.