Breezy Days: i decorate whenever i want


September 23, 2012

i decorate whenever i want

Another holiday I love almost as much as my berf-day?

I'm so excited for the air to get cooler so I can continue to deck out my house in spooky decor with no judgement, even though I started decorating a week ago...which is no where near October.
Obviously I don't really care about this so-called "right time" to decorate for upcoming holidays.

On the birthday party front...
I got a white sheet that will substitute as a projector screen, and have picked up some twinkle lights.
Still trying to figure out where to hang those up, and seeing if I need more...we shall see!

Plus, I'm thinking some kind of cute wooden sign to guide people to the backyard?
If you don't follow me on Pinterest, you should probably start, cause I'm a pinning maniac when I have a goal in mind!

Happy Sunday :)
<3 Bri


The Millers said...

I am loving your fall decor. That witch candy jar is such a cute idea!!

Bev said...

Lovin' the fall decorations coming out... on blogs, in stores, everywhere!! Guess I should start my own decor in my house, right?? ANDDD I love the candy I spot in your witch's tummy! SCRUMMMY

xo, Bev

Kim Bird said...

Oh DanG! now i want to decorate!I'm so ready for pumpkins and skeletons! Halloween is so much fun!

Would you mind following my blog back?(GFC)?

Cute Decor! I want the table cloth!

Unknown said...

Oooh, creepy eyeballs! I can't wait for Halloween either. :) By the way, the sign idea is awesome! It would look really great.

xo, Adriana.