Breezy Days: living room face-lift


September 4, 2012

living room face-lift

The past 4 months I've been staring at this wall, and totally hating it.
This is the first thing that people see when walking into our home, and it was just complete poop.
Originally it was a brown wall {like the other 3 walls in the room, BOOORING}, with a bunch of holes in it and some peeling paint. Yuck!

So, right before school started last week, I decided it was a good idea to get crackin' on this project.
{Yup, two days of non-stop painting did the trick!}

But , oh my stars what a difference
The room looks cleaner, feels lighter & bigger!
One of these days I'll take better pics {aka, not with my iphone} to adequately show what a difference this blue accent wall makes in the living room.
I'm still in the midst of putting together my collage wall & switching out some of the throw pillows.
But for now? I'm absolutely loving it.

Amazing what a little paint will do to a room!
Now I'm brainstorming for my next project...our bedroom.
Dun dun DUNNNNN.

<3 Bri


Unknown said...

this is so cute! i love your living room:) i could just take a nap on that couch

Torrie said...

I'm in desperate need of some mini-makeover action myself over at my apartment. I swear I'll just go crazy if I have to look at our own poop walls again. (What IS it with apartment owners and choosing the ugliest colors to go on the walls?)

Meredith said...

That is amazing! That blue color is fabulous and your collage wall is very nice as well. I can't wait to see the before pics :)

Alisa Marie said...

That looks fantastic! I love the pillows and the pictures you put on the wall!

Bree said...

It looks so awesome!! :D Love it!