Breezy Days: s'more of my 21st birthday


October 10, 2012

s'more of my 21st birthday

With all the ridiculous amount of posts about my birthday, I am just now getting around to posting about the actual party, and it turns out that I only got a few pictures of it!
{And since it was at night, the pictures are not the best quality, but who really cares.
It happened and that's all we really care about.}

The picture above is the set-up we had in our backyard.
We pulled our big comfy couch outside, put up some of those globe twinkle lights, set up the projector screen in front of the garage, watched Just Friends {with my fav Ryan Reynolds} and talked over a fire while making s'mores.

This birthday party was definitely in the top 5 of favoritest birthdays.
It was a small group of the people I care most about, and we had a BLAST.
{Plus I got to meet one of my favoritest bloggers, Kyla and her adorable family in real life.
Seriously SO AWESOME.}
We had my favorite funfetti cake, laughed our faces off, and finished the night off with more s'mores and hot chocolate :)
 And my beautiful Funfetti Birthday cake.

If any of you were wondering, I pretty much had an awesome birthday.
Don't you just love how the people make the party?
I have amazing family & friends.
Just sayin'.


kyladawnford said...

Aw yay! Such cute pictures! Looks like we just left before the "REAL" party began. Haha. Lets plan a dinner date at our place soon. xoxo. PS. That cake looks amazing.

Jessica said...

Such a cute idea for a party! We did this last year for Christmas and it was SO MUCH FUN! I feel like doing anything outside during fall makes it more fun?! :)


Christianna said...

Such a fun idea!!

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I love this idea for a party! I bet that you had a blast, you deserve it :) xoxo