Breezy Days: Kamikaze Utah Trip


June 8, 2013

Kamikaze Utah Trip

This last weekend we {my Dad, Ryan & I} decided to make a quick trip {as in less than 3 days} up to Utah for some doctor appointments and for my twin cousins baptism. We left Thursday night and came back home Sunday afternoon. It's a 9 hour drive each way...I definitely should have taken into account that I'm not very good traveler on long drives. Now I know my lesson!

In the 24 hours we were in Provo we: went to Ryan's orthodontist appointment, both got our hair done, saw a movie, went out to lunch at Zupas, dinner at Outback, and Ryan and I met up with some of our friends {Ryan's best friend from high school} who were just about to make the trip from Provo to Oklahoma for dental school!
A "hip" place {quite literally dripping with hipsters} to grab a shake at late hours is the local hospital cafeteria. We scarfed down our Oreo shakes, took our pictures and said our goodbyes and good lucks to Blaine and Alayna before they made their way to OKC!

After spending Friday in Provo we made our way a couple hours south to Joseph for my twin cousins baptisms {so proud of those cute girls}. It was also their older sister's birthday a few weeks back so I had some fun picking out presents and gift cards then decorating the gift bags for my little cousins! After the baptism we hit up this deeelish mom&pop grill in Joseph which is where I got the most amazing chicken alfredo pasta, yummmmmmm!

Saturday night we drove another 2 hours south of Joseph and stayed the night in St. George, then proceeded to make the rest of our 6 hour drive home on Sunday...definitely not the smartest to drive through Vegas on a Sunday, yikes! Although I had a blast with my Dad & Ry, this whole week I've still been re-cooping from the lack of sleep and copious amounts of Red Bull!


Courtney said...

Driving through Vegas on a Sunday is the WORST!!

Amber said...

What a fun weekend! Sounds jam-packed & busy though :)

Brielle said...

I didn't know you had family in Sevier Valley! I grew up like fifteen minutes north of Joseph in Richfield, and the Sagebrush Grill is our favorite place to eat! Their alfredo is my absolute favorite. Sounds like a fun trip (: