Breezy Days: Weekend Update: BBQ+Longboards+S'mores


June 24, 2013

Weekend Update: BBQ+Longboards+S'mores

This past weekend was party central! Which totally explains why I've been a complete vegetable today...
 On Saturday there was a company BBQ in Orange where there was lots of amazing carne asada which made for deeeliiishhhh burritos. Still thinking about those...
My fellow sales wife Amelia works on a gourmet ice cream truck during the summer {how cool is that?!} and she convinced her boss to bring the ice cream truck to the BBQ! I got "The Big O" {don't let your dirty mind run rampant!}, it's a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in milk chocolate and topped with oreos! Follow Longboards on Twitter to find where in SoCal they will be next!

{Me & Amelia getting photo bombed by her boss!}
{Shane, Amelia's husband, was a BAMF with his double ice cream bar creation}

After scarfing carne asada burritos and ice cream, the team made their way to Corona where we all went to the movies! Amelia & I are scared-y cats and didn't want to watch World War Z, so we saw Monster's University. Soooo cute!

{And of course Ryan, trying to ruin any and all pictures of us}
Then on Sunday night we went over to my parents for dinner {pizza yummm}, and since it was such nice weather outside we fired up the fire-pit and made s'mores! It was so quiet and beautiful outside, and it was nice to sit around the fire with my favoritest people in the entire world {minus one, Evan is in Mexico!} and just talk about everything. My dad hopped up when it started getting darker and turned on the lights for ambiance. The twinkle lights are from my wedding reception 2 years ago, but my parents like them so much they were left up and get turned on from time to time :)


TJ Owens said...

Ah Fetch! I am hecka sad I am not there livin it up with you guys. I should come VISIT!!! Hey.. Ryan, I will put on a shirt and get a couple sales for you if we get to go to the movies after!!!

TJ Owens said...

I'll sleep on your parents couch like last time!

Samantha Elizabeth said...

Yumm! Those ice cream bars sounds amazing!