Breezy Days: Summer Heat + A Bee Grave


June 29, 2013

Summer Heat + A Bee Grave

I know everyone is starting to complain about how hot it's getting but I am LOVING it. This past winter in Provo, UT was the worst one in 65 years, isn't that ridiculous? In February I was getting major cabin fever with all the snow and ordered sandals & swimsuits! {Ryan obviously thought I was crazy, but when doesn't he think that?} This week I took advantage of the pool and laid out with my new VS swimsuit, my awesome floppy Target hat, and some magazines. I also started snacking on some raspberries when I found a DEAD BEE chillin' at the bottom of the package. You know, just snuggled in between all my raspberries. SICK NASTINESS. I was absolutely disgusted and told my family all about it, they laughed saying I was being overdramatic...ERRONEOUS, ERRONEOUS ON ALL ACCOUNTS! 

Onto other news...welcome to all my new readers! Leave comments & change your email from a "no-reply" email address so I can write back to you! Glad to have you here :)


Katie said...

Yuck about the bee with the rasberries! I'm glad you got a chance to enjoy the sunshine and warmth. I really need to get out my sun hat and sit outside for awhile. If only it would stop raining for a bit!

Unknown said...

Lovely pics!!!

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Larissa @ Living in Color | A Lifestyle Blog said...

So glad you're enjoying the summer heat, love! Love following you on Instagram :)

Hey next time you and some other sweet bloggers host an awesome giveaway like your last one, will you email me? I'd love to participate! Thanks, doll!

xo, Elle

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

That is really freaking gross about the bee. Ugh.
I'm glad someone is enjoying this hot weather... I'm not (I live in TX). lol.