Breezy Days: Weekend Update: SD+Father's Day


June 20, 2013

Weekend Update: SD+Father's Day

As I said in my last post, we made our way down to SD for Ryan's cousin's graduation, and ohhhh boy did I go off of my calorie count. Poor My Fitness Pal didn't see me all weekend. Between the fajitas at Chilis, Korean BBQ {which is the club looking place in the picture above, it was nuts!}, eggs benedict in a cute little restaurant on the beach, chocolate gelato, and Sprinkles cupcakes...I would have been wayyy too afraid to input my calories. Thus, they didn't count :) After we pretty much partied all weekend with his fam, Ryan and I made our way up from SD to Long Beach to meet up with my family at Brazilian Steakhouse Amazon for Father's Day {dad's pick of course}. I brought him a Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcake in a cute 'lil box and I heard that he later scarfed it down and didn't share a bite with anyone. Way to be dad ;)


Samantha Elizabeth said...

This is super cute! All of that food sounds ah-maze-ing! :)


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

hahaha, you are makin me hungry! And for me, calories don't count... ever. oops!

The Southern Thing said...

I really wish that first statement was true. haha!