Breezy Days: What I've Learned In 2 Years of Marriage


June 6, 2013

What I've Learned In 2 Years of Marriage

{June 4, 2011}

I honestly cannot even believe it's been 2 years...2 YEARS. When posting anniversary hoopla on Facebook some friends/family said "it's been one year right?"...nope! 2 years! Ya, I'm just about as stunned as you are. I can't figure where the time went! My dad tells me that hitting 25 years feels about the same, craziness! I don't know where to begin with this post...perhaps I'll share my limited marriage wisdom I've procured these past two years?

What I've learned in 2 years of marriage:
+ Pick your battles. Socks left on the floor is not much to nag about...but milk left out on the counter? Hmmmm, yes. I don't need to be drinking sour milk the next day {which has actually happened}
+ Recognize that you are in this together. Make decisions that will help in your progression as a couple and a future family. 
+ "You're only as strong as your weakest link"...seeing as how you are in this together, your weakness becomes something you conquer as a couple and vice versa. 
+ Share your strengths & talents with one another to fill in the gaps {i.e. I communicate probably too much and he not so much...I taught him how to talk about feelings!}
+ Even though it's gotten ahem..."comfortable", leave the tooting/nose picking to the bathroom. We need a little freaking mystery people.
+ Learn each other's "fighting" styles and accommodate. I like to fix things right away whereas Ryan likes to take a breather. We have now found a balance that makes us both happy.
+ Encourage each other to be better. To cultivate skills and talents, to pursue your passions. It makes both of you better people and everyone happier.
+ Listen listen listen. It's easy to throw criticism at others while it's difficult to hear it about yourself. Reminding yourself that your spouse it there to help & love you will make it easier to hear the things you need to work on. Then ask for help on it, if needed!
+ Make the time to show that you appreciate one another, give service. {keep each other in mind, do the dishes while she's at work, or make his favorite dinner when he is studying}
+ Look to those who have been married for a long time for practical advice.
+ Give hugs/kisses & say I love you every single day :)

Due to Ryan's crazy work schedule {being home at 9:00pm every night}, on our anniversary day I picked up dinner from Wood Ranch and bought myself some gorgeous peonies from Trader Joes. It was simple, no gifts, no going out, nothing too fancy...but I loved it just the same. We talked about our day, laughed about how crazy the past two years have been and planned out our anniversary date for this Sunday {his only day off}. We're heading to the beach, relaxing in the sun, and eating some delish food on the pier. Can't wait! :) 
Thanks to everyone for wishing us a happy anniversary!


nicole s. said...

happy anniversary sweet girl! my 2 year (dating) anniversary with my guy is this week. definitely not the same as marriage, but we just moved in together and these tips are already proving helpful!

enjoy your date! i can't wait to see what you wear!

xo nicole

Monica Carpenter said...

Both those posted wedding pictures are amazing, but I particularly LOVE the second. Congratulations!!!