Breezy Days: Out of the Box


January 4, 2012

Out of the Box

Does anyone remember the "Out of the Box" little tv show they had on Disney ages ago?!
If anyone was wondering that's where the title comes from :)


Today was the first day back to school.
I got a blender mix of emotions going on here:
Tired, excited, optimistic, tired, hopeful, nervous, anddd tired.

Tired just because when I think of what I have ahead of me this semester, it already makes me exhausted.

Speaking of which. 
*Intermission for Diet Coke & Nap*
Now that we are back from that lovely intermission, I'll esssplain  my former fear of lipstick.

So you're thinking:
"You are wearing BRIGHT PINK lipstick, how did you used to fear it so?"

Lipstick used to have this "old lady" stigma to it. 
Don't you remember?!
Where all the old ladies at church would have a weird brown shade of lipstick and it would get on their teeth. {ewwww}

Thus, why I stayed away from it.
But as of late, the blog world/fashion world is in LOVE with lipstick.
Lipstick is the new lip gloss! {Insert whatever color} is the new black blah blah blah

So. After looking at many a blogs where fine young women were sportin' the red lipstick fad, I thought I would be a complete lemming/follower/poser and give it a shot.
Dress: Anthropologie. Sweater: Target. Necklace: Fossil. Belt: Plato's Closet. Boots: Magic Step. 

I put on the starts to bleed. Oh crap. How do I fix this?!
 Get a paper towel to slowly wipe off the excess on the edges without smudging everything else
 {hey, I'm still learning.}
Finally get it fixed. 
Wow..... It looks kinda nice!
I kinda feel a lil more grown up. 
This is weird.

I walk out of the bathroom and Ryan says:
"Wow baby, that looks really nice."

What has this whole experience taught me?
That I now LOVE lipstick, it jazzes up any outfit.
And that I need to put my toe in the water more often and try out new things.
So what new things am I trying out you may ask?
-I'm a referee of men's league basketball {it's as scary as it sounds}
-Working at an elementary as a club leader where I make up a lesson plan each week and make crafts and have fun with kids that come from less fortunate home lives
-Going to apply for jobs that are really outside of my comfort zone {customer service/call center}
-Start getting into Zumba
-I'm going to start playing basketball with my friend from upstairs {Kelli!}, even though I haven't played hardcore in years
-Add the Communications/Advertising minor


-Choosing an item from my closet each day that I don't remember when I wore it last. Then form a whole outfit around that one item.
Sweater: Buckle. Jeans: American Eagle. Shirt, Shoes: Target. Necklace: Forever 21.

And yes, the silver belt in the first few pics was an item I haven't worn in ages.
And also the sweater in the bottom pictures.
Look at me go! haha.

What's something that you intend on trying that's outside of your comfort zone?

<3 Bri


Bree said...

Cute outfits :)
Good luck with this semester! I can't hardly think about this semester, I'm so not ready to go back!

Meg said...

Oh my heck. I'm almost positive I saw you outside of a class today. I'm not sure where but I think I did because I recognize your top outfit and I remember thinking, "Oh that girl is cute." Maybe in the bookstore? Who knows but I love it.

Karla Khodanian said...

Girl, you work this lipstick SO well!!! It really suits you. Also, your outfits are so lovely. I'm especially fond of that sweet cardigan you're wearing.

Good luck with classes starting back! I start back on Monday, and I already have "first-day-of-spring-semster" butterflies.

Unknown said...

Thanks Breanna! Good luck with your classes! And Meg, was it by the main doors of the Wilk? Cause I was waiting there for ages to meet up with Ryan. Next time you see me be like "Hey you!" :) And thanks Karla! I had people staring at me all day, but I kinda liked it :) And they have that sweater at Target in like 3 different colors. Check it out! And I'm still having first day back jitters. The first week is always something to get used to :/ Good luck!!!

SGRMSE. said...

you look super! no idea what you're on about with your "fear" of lipsticks... you wear the colour well! ;D HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ♥

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

LOVE this outfit, everything about it!!

Teaka said...

I'll admit lipstick still scares me and even though so many of my friends and the blogging world seems to wear it in such a fashionable way I'm afraid I'll just look plain silly. I haven't even tried it though. I like that your husband had such a positive response towards it. Maybe I should give it a try and cross my fingers that it'll look good on me too! :D

Melissa, The 25th Hour said...

The lipstick looks great!! I've been trying to get into the lipstick thing as well :)

So glad you make that reference!!