Breezy Days: Randomites


January 24, 2012


Random + Bites= Randomites!

1. I introduced myself on Life as Twiggy, she has a really cute blog and I'm excited that I've been able to swap sponsor with her! She had us write up a lil quip about ourselves and include our favorite picture.

Mine is below, I will buy it one of these days off of Etsy!
This lady draws and paints all the princesses! How cuuuuuuute.

2. I'm currently making flashcards for my Interior Design class on Quizlet. Seriously the best thing ever. I type in the flashcards, I can upload them to a Flashcards app on my phone, and on the computer they give you different ways to study/memorize them! 

3. I've just picked up "Once Upon a Time" again and have been watching it on the ABC site. 
It is so mega corny, but I really enjoy it. 
Then again I like anything fairytale-ish.
Hence the pictures above and my obsession with Disneyland.

4. I was in Winco a few days ago, about to grab my groceries head out, I'm walking out the grocery store when I see this little girl {about 4/5 years old} trailing behind her mom who is walking in.
I just came out of a job interview and was totally high on life. Lookin' good & feelin' good.
I walk past the little girl and look down and smile at her.
2 seconds later she does this half whisper/yell thing:
"Mom! She is so pretty!!"

Holy moly I smiled the whole rest of the night.

5. What would I do without Ryan? My internet is slow/doesn't work all night.
He comes home, looks at my computer, then at me.
"Bri, when is the last time you updated your computer?"


6. If you go to BYU/are Mormon/know Mormons/know anything about will get a kick out of the picture below.

<3 Bri


Unknown said...

LOVE this, Bri!! those princess paintings are adorable!!

Melu103 said...

the disney characters are
beyond cute and unique.

seriously that app Quizlet
i wish i had that back in HS.

and funny story i was at
American Eagle one day and i get
this little 11 year old boy
he is like do you know the price
to this jacket? i was like aww
i don't work here! and then his
mom comes up to me and she is like
sorry about that he said you
looked like you worked here because
you look like a model .. seriously
HE MADE MY DAY so i know what
you felt lol .. what kids say is

Jess said...

Okay, I keep hearing about this Once Upon A Time show!
I'm not a huge TV watcher, but is this a show I should start watching?!

xo :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet about the little girl, and a TOTAL FLASHBACK when you mentioned Winco... I remember that store from when I use to live in America :(
I hope you get the job :)

Jane said...

I LOVE Once Upon a Time as well. I can't figure out what keeps me coming back...

Unknown said...

@Emily, thanks!! I love those pictures so much. One day. They will be in my kitchen or something.
@Melina, that is SO CUTE! I don't know what it is with little kids, but your heart just lights up when they say cute/nice things like that.
@Jessica, To tell you the truth I have no clue why it is addicting. It's one of those tv shows you wait till the whole season is over and you watch it on a rainy day. It's just sweet, heart-warming, and kinda corny.
@Ash, I have a Winco right around the corner from me! Where are you at now? And I actually DID just get the job! :D
@Jane, I'm totally with you....