Breezy Days: Just Bee-cuzzzz


January 10, 2012

Just Bee-cuzzzz

An awesome opportunity that has crossed my path as of late, is to teach/be a leader of a club at a nearby elementary.
An elementary school where most kids don't have the means to join an outside sports team, dance classes, or other activities. So the school hosts what they call 4-H clubs to give these kids the chance to learn different skills and have some fun things to do after school. 

I jumped on it, cause I did make a resolution to keep kickin' my bum out of my comfort zone.

I decided to name it: "Crafting Just Bee-cuzzz"
Uber corny, right? 
Hey, the 1st-3rd grade kids thought it was cute! That's all that really matters!
We get to make crafts, play games, get to know each other, and I get to be a cool adult in their life for a few short months.

I was kinda nervous because this was my first day, and so I asked Ryan to come.
He is so good to me :)

We made bees out of paper plates, paint, paper, and wax paper. 
There was a little strip of paper on the back of the bee where you could slip your hand in and fly it around.
Total cuteness!

Anywhoodle, I was just really excited to share this because I had SUCH a fun time! 
We painted, and talked, helped each other making the bees.
Played duck duck goose, freeze tag, and head/shoulders/knees&toes.
I got to see Ryan around a bunch of lil' ones. It was just swell!

I get to do this once a week for a few months, so be expecting more crafting posts for little kids!

Bee Kid Craft
  • Paper plates
  • Wax paper {cut into U shapes for the wings}
  • Black scrapbook paper {to cut a strip of paper to tape under, and also cut out triangles for the stinger}
  • Yellow paint
  • Black paint
  • Tape


  1.  Have the kids paint the whole paper plate yellow
  2. Go play some games till that dries :)
  3. Come back and show the kids how to paint the black stripes on the bee
  4. Show them how to paint the eyes/face on the bee
  5. Wait for everything to dry and show them how to tape the wings, stinger, and paper strip on the bee.
  6. Have them put their bee on their hand and buzzzz them around the room!

<3 Bri/Bee


Jess said...

Totally admire you for this :)
I can't wait to be an elementary school teacher!


Lou from Foxy Whiskers said...

Oh that's so cute! I remember making something like that in primary school too except we made Kangaroos! You use a smaller plate for the head, a larger one for the body and then half of a larger one cut in half to make a pouch! And then use brown coloured paper for the ears and tail.
Good on you for taking time to volunteer!

Lou x

justrealhappy said...

That's adorable. I love it. I want to make one for myself, I think! :)

Melu103 said...

what a great idea!
they all look so happy!
look forward to the next
crafting posts! =D

you should make masks next
time .. like they get to
pick their own animal ...
they always have fun with that!

Melina ♥