Breezy Days: Zipper Bows & Paint Chip Hearts


January 22, 2012

Zipper Bows & Paint Chip Hearts

Sooo you may be wondering why my head is chopped off in the following pictures.
There is a reason.
Anddd the reason is because my hair was sopping wet and there is NO WAY I'm putting that on the internet.

I really don't need to give my family & friends more blackmail than they already have.

I am still loving my colored jeans with a flaming burning passion.

I don't know what it is...they just make me happy! 
How can you be sad in bright red jeans?!
Think about ittttttt.

Top: Anthropologie. Jeans: American Eagle. Jacket: Loft. Shoes: LA Fashion District. Bottle Cap Necklace: Cherry Lane Boutique in Provo, UT.

Yet I digress with my apparent obsession with colored jeans.

The real point of this post is that:
I finally made my Valentines garland and am excited to share!
The easiest/fastest/cutest/cheapest thing ever.

First, gather the following: twine, paint chips, scissors, tape, and tacks.
And yes, I totally did jack 20 paint chips from the Wal-Mart paint section.
No one is missing least I hope not.
Ohhh the things you gotta do when you are a college kid.

All I did was cut the paint chips out by hand into hearts. 
And don't worry if they aren't perfect, it's cuter when they are a lil' off kilter!
{Look at photo above}

Then I lined them up next to the twine and started wrapping the twine around the paint chip hearts.
Then put a couple pieces of scotch tape on the back.
Advice: Tape down the twine {on the back} towards the top of the heart so they don't flop over when you hang them.

All my hearts twined up!

Tacked them on the wall in a chic swooping fashion and VOILA.
Uber cuteness, for how much you ask?

Twine: Free cause I already had it, but I originally bought it for $3.
Tacks: Free, cause I already had it.
Tape: Free, already had it!
Paint Chips: Free! Oh gosh, I feel like a horrible person for stealing paint chips.
Grand Total: FREE.

I keep looking at my wall and feeling so dorkily proud of myself. 

<3 Bri


Grace Wainwright said...

such a cute DIY! and lovely outfit. those red skinnies look fabulous on you!

A Southern Drawl

Gentri said...

You look so cute and I love the new blog design!!

jules! ( said...

lolololol @ "and there is no way i am putting that on the internet"i love those jeans, i need some.

such a cute heart garland! good call on stealing paint chips from walmart. i will have to go on an adventure there soon:)


Bree said...

love the DIY; so cute!
ALso I am loving your red jeans, I am dying to own a pair of colored jeans, Just haven't found the right color or should I say store.

Katia said...

It's okay, I totally steal paint chips too ;) I usually use them for collage type crafts but I REALLY love the look of these, super cute and festive!

Oh, and of course, awesome red jeans ;) Definitely rocking them!


Teaka said...

Awesome I love your red jeans and your perfectly cute valentines garland!!! So festive :)

Unknown said...

Cute outfit! You look fantastic in those red skinnies. I love your DIY! It came out so nice.

Melu103 said...

your outfit is super cute!
i am loving the red jeans ♥

and by the way ..the mushroom
recipe .. TO DIE FOR! really yummy

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Lo said...

Great outfit! I love the colored jeans myself...I just bought a brown pair...I'm not at all as exciting as you though! Lovely DIY, paint chips are the future! :) -Lo

Kirsten Wiemer said...

girl you rock those red jeans. i wish i had the confidence to rock colored jeans i was just telling ran the other day. until then you keep rockin them for me.
ps love the garland.

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Hi there! I found your blog via Awkward Girls (I'm one of the hosts of the BYU blogger meet-up). Anyway, I thought I'd come get to know you, so we can be instant friends when we meet in real life :)

I adore the flowered background on your blog, and free craft projects are right up my alley. Love it!

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

You rock these pants so well! I don't think I would be so lucky in red pants.