Breezy Days: Vitamin D


January 17, 2012

Vitamin D

Just wanted to say hi to all the new followers here and that I hope you enjoy what I have to say & post! 

And for all you peeps who have been followin' me for a while, thanks for holding on, and not crying in a corner during my 4-day hiatus.
Aren't those mountains the background beautiful?!
One of the pros of living in Utah.
What's freaky is that there is HARDLY ANY SNOW ON THE GROUND.
Last year at this time I was wrapped in like, 10 layers of every North Face & Smart Wool thing I owned.

I know everyone has been trippin' out cause there's been no snow and saying:
"Boo hoo wahhh there was no snow at Christmas."

I grew in California where there is NEVER snow at Christmas.

Itso facto, I'm excited that I don't have to:

A. Drive through snow in my "All Weather" tires that don't have any grip
B. Trek up to classes in the snow and freeze my buns off

Suffice it to say I'm grateful for the sunshine.
You can't have too horrible of a day when it's sunny out. 
Are we in agreement?

Cause if you have a bad day then walk outside and see the sun shining down you think:
"Huh, life's not that bad after all. I'm gonna go on a run!"

But when it's rainy/sad/gloomy/etc you come outside and think:
"Oh gosh. I'm going BACK in my room, to huddle up in my pj's to watch tv all day long."

{ok, for some of us that wouldn't be that bad of a punishment}
Sweater: Forever 21. Jeans, Belt: American Eagle. Top: Anthropologie. Necklace, Earrings: Francescas. Flats: Target.

All I'm really sayin' is that I'm grateful for some au-natural Vitamin D in my life.

PLUS. It has motivated me to do some craftin'.
You know what that means....
Made a dress,
made some jewelry,
workin' on a burlap lampshade.

Yup, life's good.
Can't wait to share my crafts with you this week!!! 

Hope you all had a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed day!
{I am not a morning person and I despise when people say that to me cause then I think: 
"Say that again and Imma punch you right in the mouth." 
Aka don't ever expect a happy morning Bri. Ever.}

<3 Bri

P.S. If anyone has pointers on what I can do to better my pics, I could definitely use the help and advice!

P.S.S. We have a Weird Things Wednesday post coming tomorrow from Celeste who writes "Life as Twiggy"!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

first of all i totally agree with the snow thing, being raised in vegas, i love the sun and warmth. this winter as still been way too cold for my taste, but better (maybe because i have a hubby, lol, idk)
second of all, i wish i could be half as cute as you. thats all.

Lou from Foxy Whiskers said...

There has been zero snow in Europe too! I was really disappointed at first (I came to Europe to see snow!) But honestly, it's so much better without it! I can walk everywhere and dont have to worry about slipping over!

Lou x

Plami said...

awww how cute are you! I love this cozy outfit!


Karla Khodanian said...

Red is totally your color! Also, I totally understand how you feel! There have been plenty of cold, dreary days here in Alabama, but we finally got sunshine today :)