Breezy Days: The Story of Us: Indian Giver {Part 3}


January 31, 2012

The Story of Us: Indian Giver {Part 3}

Before I hop into more of my story telling, I just wanted to say thank you for all the encouraging and loving comments I got from yesterdays post.
Definitely helped to calm me down and really think thing through.
Love you and all thank you!


I had gotten back from California on Sunday night, October 31, 2010.
That's where we left off on the last installment.

On November 2, 2010 (Tuesday), I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the library studying for an Art History test I had to take the next day.

After 5 hours in the library, and 2 in a review. I decided to go back to my apartment to study some more.
{I promise you I'm not this much of a nerd, I just really needed a good grade on that test!}
I go home and start studying in the front room, all cozy in my pink egg chair.

I hear a knock at the door.
"Come in!"
It's Ryan.
{By now you are probably like, well duh. Of course it was him.}
{Here is a pic of Ryan, if you are new and didn't know what he looks like. 
He is effin cute if  I do say so myself.}

He asks where my roommate Kaeli is and she comes running upstairs.
She points out the mini-fridge she was going to let him borrow.

She says kind of awkwardly:
"Umm, well, you can have this fridge but not like, keep it."

I snort, and say:
"Wow!!! Indian giver!"

"What's an Indian giver?"

"Did you not go to elementary school?!"

"No, I was homeschooled."

*Cue crickets*
{Kaeli & I at our Barbie Birthday Bash. September 25, 2010.
We had a dance party in our apartment. SICK! Which explains the lovely sweat.}

Uhhhh crap. At this point I had been friends with Kaeli for a little over a year and obviously didn't know this.
I felt like such a jerk and couldn't rack my brain to come up with something else to say to cover my bum.

Ryan quickly jumps in to save the day with:
"Oh! Indian giving is just where I trade you spices for some disease ridden blankets. No big deal."

Kaeli was satisfied with this answer and toddled back downstairs to do homework.
I turn back to my own homework while Ryan walks towards the door.

He pauses. Turns around and says:

"Hey Bri, do you know how to put together a school schedule? You know, I'm just really confused."

Ok, and the next thing I said, I am still slightly embarrassed about...
"Ok, you are HOW OLD and you can't figure out your own schedule?"

Ya, how could any guy like me after that line?
Ryan glazed over the skunk-y comment with his salesman-ly ways, and sits down on the couch and motions me over.

I looked at his schedule and realized it was wretched, so I switched around a few classes and said:
"There you go, all done!"

Afterwards, I help him out to the car with the mini fridge and he says:
"Sooo we might have to do lunch sometime so you know, I can thank you for helping me with my schedule and the mini-fridge."

I said:
"Ok! Do you have your phone?"


 "That's fine, I'll just message you my number on facebook."
{Come to find out the stinker did have his phone on him, he just wanted me to give him my number instead of having to ask for it directly. Part of "the game" I suppose?!}

I walk inside, message him my number on facebook, then get back to studying.
Then I get this random phone call, look at the number and thought:
 who the heck is calling me this late?!?!

I answer inquisitively:
"Uhhh hello?"

"Don't act like you don't know who this is, you just gave me your number."

"I didn't think you were gonna be a freak of nature and call me within FIVE MINUTES of even having it!"

"*Laughs* You wanna go grab some lunch tomorrow?"

"Hmmm, I guess, I'll have to fit it into my schedule."


<3 Bri


Randi said...

That was so heart-warming!!!

eye_spy said...

i'm intrigued now, can't wait for the next part!
now a follower of your lovely blog :)

follow back?

Ashley said...

Im such a sucker for love stories. And I love reading about yours and Ryan's story. You two are the cutest!!! Keep em comin haha

Summer-Raye said...

Partners are up. Check it out

Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

too cute :) and thanks!

Lou from Foxy Whiskers said...

Hilarious! I did the same thing to my boyfriend cell phone wise. He wanted to give me his number but I pretended I didn't have my phone on me! He knew all along I had it on me!

Lou x

memory said...

haha, cute.


Anonymous said...

newest follower! Awesome blog! glad I found it! :)

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

You are so beautiful. Lovely couple! <3

Jennifer Leible said...

The indian giver/homeschooled comment reeeallly cracks me up, because I was homeschooled and that exact line comes up frequently in my life! I did however know what an indian giver was! Very amusing! :)

Unknown said...

wow. you have an incredible memory! I would have never remembered any of that!!

Jaz said...

hahah oh my gosh, the thing i love most about this... all of the dialogue, i can totally hear how everyone said it.. ah! love it miss you all!