Breezy Days: Familia Olympics


January 1, 2012

Familia Olympics

Oh gosh, I love California.

My mom's side of the family all met up in San Diego in celebration of my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, so it turned into a family reunion.
We do an "Olympics" everytime we get together for a family reunion, sooo fun.
We get split up into 3 separate teams, get to make our own flags and team names, and compete in all the different games.

My team was originally 'The Cougars' thennnn the little girls got ahold of some markers and we became the 'Colorful Cougars'
They colored it to the point that you couldn't even tell we were the cougars anymore. 
So our motto became: 
Out of the javelin {throwing straws} or discus {throwing two paper plates taped together}, or even shotput {beanbag toss}, you ask what my favorite competition was? 

Three-legged race hands down.
It was all the adults, and it was INTENSE.
 {Evan and Uncle Rich}
 {Me and cousin Amanda}
{Ryan and Dad}
Ryan thinks he is bad ace.

Enjoy the video of the race.
Look to the far right and watch Ryan and Dad completely biff it at the end.
And watch me and Amanda WIN.

Here is my lil cousin Ethan.
Seriously the cutest baby ever.
Our different teams even got to win our very own medals. 
I won the Silver medal {with my chocolate kisses on it} and Ryan's team won the Gold {with Hershey's nuggets}. 
So everyone wins!
Afterwards we hit up my dads new favorite bbq place. 
Phils BBQ in Point Loma and San Marcos.
Some of the best BBQ I've had in a looong time. 
It filled you up but it wasn't mega rich, thus not making you sick to your stomach.
And also making you feel like you are gonna die from too much food.
This bbq doesn't make you feel like that.
Later that night we hit up Old Town San Diego for even more food!
It was a nice lil area filled up with boutiques and Mexican shops.
With a mariachi on top of it! 
Sweater: Target. Top: Loft. Necklace: Forever 21. Jeans: Fossil. 

We took the pic cause it says 'Rios' on it and Ryan's favorite part of the picture below is the 
'Blessing of the Animals' ya.
That's a real thing. They really do that.

<3 Bri


Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

Your family look amazing Bri!!! Love the pics of you and your hubby!!

Little Tranquility said...

That is adorable!! Looks like so much fun. <3


ashley.warner said...

what a pretty blog! :)
happy new years!

x - ashley

ps. i am hosting a HOPE giveaway if you're interested....

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! I love them too, a bunch of dorks just like me :)