Breezy Days: I'll Give In


January 11, 2012

I'll Give In

I don't know if any of you other married/dating bloggers out there have had this recurring conversation...

Ryan: "Bri, are you on your blog again?"

Me: "Yes, I'm almost to 80 followers now! And I'm on BlogLovin."

Ryan: "Ok, time to get off the computer and to cuddle with me and watch Lost."

{Insert a lil Ryan pout face}
And because he is sweet enough to take pictures of my cute outfits and to also be concerned about decent lighting.
And because he is adorable. And all mine. And the perfect cuddle buddy.
I'm giving in and closing up the laptop for a couple days. 
Dress: Loft. Tights: Simply Vera via Kohls. Shoes: Target. Coat: Michael Kors. Earrings: Payless.

But no worries, I'll be back soon!

How do all of your husbands/boyfriends cope with you being involved in the blog world?
Any tips?

Thanks :)
<3 Bri

P.S. Almost the weekend. Hip hip hooray!


p.V.e said...

Aw so sweet! Hope you have a nice relaxing couple of days with him!

Jess said...

Sitting at my computer laughing out loud because I can totally relate!
When I started my blog, my boyfriend told me he thought it was really cool and that he wishes he could start one but had nothing to say. Now every time my phone goes off with a new email and I reach for it, he just looks at me and says "blog stuff, again?" But he's a good sport ;) He takes my pictures for me, too!

Guess it's nice for us to ignore the blog every once and awhile for some quality time - enjoy it :)


Teaka said...

For a period of time I seemed to always talk about blogging and my husband seemed to just take it with a grain of salt, smile, encourage me in the ways he could and then tease me about it.

Now any times something happens in our life he'll often say, "Oh you should blog about it." Haha.

For Christmas he even bought me a funny little disposable camera so I could take photos with that for my blog instead of using his expensive camera. It was super cute. :)

But it's good to take breaks once and awhile. Have fun away from the blogging world!

San said...

That definitely sounds familiar.... although I try to limit my online time at home a lot (and ever since I got an iphone, I definitely don't get on the computer so much anymore - well, I just have the iphone glued to my hand instead *g*).

Aunie said...

This is the ONLY thing Daniel and I argue about. I spend wayyyy too much time on my blog :) Don't you love their pouty faces??

Aunie said...

OH__ and PS Happy 80 followers. I'm your 80th :)

Unknown said...

yup totally understand. i always look at my boyfriend and say, "doo youuuu thinkk you could take some photos??" He always smiles and says yes. He's a photographer, so he enjoys getting the fashion photography experience.

yet, the blogging drives him nuts sometimes.

Little Tranquility said...

Hi!! Just wanted to pop in and let my sponsors know about the current giveaway I'm hosting on my blog right now! Check it out! :)

Hope everything is lovely!


Annika Victoria said...

Hahaha! I can most definitely relate to this. I make my boyfriend read my blog posts when I haven't seen him that day so he can see what crafty thing I've been up to, and he is always super supportive and encouraging. And he always tells his friends about my blog too, he's proud of me! It's really nice! If only he wouldn't pout so much when I ask him to take photos... (I usually get him to take 200 or more... because I want to make sure there's a nice one. That's not unreasonable, right?)

Boyfriends are great blog helpers though. Really :)
Annika (The Pineneedle Collective)

Unknown said...

im your follower number 80;) haha
ahhh my boyfriend asked me a few time what was this blogging thing all not sure he really understand it tho hahah

Ashley Slater said...
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Lou from Foxy Whiskers said...

Can definitely relate!

GB is laying next to me now making angry eyes at the computer!
And not only when he wants cuddles, but when he needs to use the laptop too (he's so good he only goes on if he genuinely needs too)
I'm such a laptop hog!


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! At least I'm not the only one :) haha! Annddd I've had two people say they are the 80th follower and it still says I'm at 79? I'm confused! haha, but thanks for following :)

soon to be Mrs. M said...

Can I just say I LOVEEE your blog! You seem like such a sweet, down to earth girl. I look forward to reading more from you :)


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

lol! Yup i have that same conversation with my husband, except I have never seen Lost. :)