Breezy Days: Relief


August 1, 2013


We are finally back in California after such a ridiculously long and stressful weekend. The end result after lawn-gate, is that we get to stay in our yellow brick house in Provo!!! When we finally got the phone call at about 4pm on Tuesday {after much waiting...and some mental breakdowns}, I couldn't have been more relieved. Not only do we get to stay, but the wonky set up of our utilities also got sorted out. It was such a formal phone call that it completely threw me off, seeing as how it was such a personal and emotional experience for me. Does this guy not realize that he almost kicked us out 3 weeks before school starts over a lawn? Oh well, we got what we ultimately wanted in the end and I'm definitely not going to complain one bit. I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments, prayers, concern, support, and love these past few days. It was extremely appreciated! It's always very telling to see who shows up or who contacts you in such a huge time of need. 
Thanks again to all of our friends & family :)


Nikole said...

I'm glad it worked out! Taylor and I were praying for you guys. You've put WAY too much work into that house to leave it now

Natalie said...

yay!!! that's so ridiculous. but i'm glad you got it all sorted out!