Breezy Days: Cupcake Masters


August 9, 2013

Cupcake Masters

Meet Jenni, one of my favoritest people ever :) She was one of my church youth leaders growing up and I've always connected with her because she is so sweet and completely hilarious! Because my mother & I are noobs when it comes to baking, we asked if Jenni would come and teach us the ways of her baking prowess.
{Jenni even brought over Costco diet cokes to sip on while we learned how to become cupcake masters...she knows the way to our hearts!}
Jenni used to work in a bakery during college and then also taught a baking class at Michaels, so you could definitely say that she is the authority when it comes to this kind of stuff. We wanted to learn how to make Crisco decorating frosting and how to put it beautifully onto a cupcake. Only Funfetti of course :) We learned different frosting techniques, designs, and tricks when it comes to mixing up the frosting. Which is displayed on my darling new cupcake tree found at Home Goods for 10 bucks! 
{One of my favorite places to shop for home decor and knick knacks!}
We baked, swirled, decorated, sprinkled, and frosted to our hearts content! I love learning new talents and skills, it makes me feel so spry and young ;) Thanks Jenni for an awesome baking day!
What is something new you have learned as of late?


Lauren said...

Those cupcakes looks pretty delicious! Looks like you ladies had a lovely day, great pictures!


Kelsey Bang said...

those cupcakes look so dang good! what a fun time!

Lilly Katz said...

Beautiful looking cupcakes! one really should learn how to bake :)

Meg said...

I'm loving your blog! I'm your newest follower! These cupcakes look divine ;-) Xo