Breezy Days: Adventures With Elder Ev's: Transfers + Snakes


August 21, 2013

Adventures With Elder Ev's: Transfers + Snakes

I bring to you another installment of Adventures With Elder Ev's! They are updates of Evan in the mission field in Palenque, Mexico along with some fun stories. We just got word that his companion is being transferred to a different part of the mission after being in Palenque for 6 months, which now makes Elder Evs the resident expert on everything Palenque and Pakal-Na. He has been promoted to senior companion and will be paired up with a native companion named Elder Barerra. Elder Evs will be showing his companion along with another missionary companionship how to navigate the two areas.

About the above picture of Elder Evs reading scriptures by candlelight:
"A rainstorm that we had took down the electricity in our apartment. So, that night we had no electricity, and did daily planning with candles and sleep without fans. Meaning it was a blazing hot night!"
About running into some Americans:
"Elder Love and I ran into Mormons from Utah!!!! Holy crap!!! We left the chapel after movie night and was making our way to our apartment when out of the darkness we hear "Hey look, it's the Elders!" in an American accent!!! It was a Mormon family visiting Palenque! Their son served in the Villahermosa mission and returned this past January. He was there with his family and we got to talk to him. Man, it was so weird talking in English again." {And yes, he really did put that many exclamation marks in there}
About this nasty snake picture:
"One morning the Relief Society President calls us to come over to the capilla {chapel} for a surprise. We come to see a python in a cage with a dead chicken. She told us her story: She wakes up at one or two in the morning to hear her chickens flipping out. She gets up, thinking that a rat or some other pest was just getting the chickens flustered. She opens the door, almost takes a step outside with a python by the door with the dead chicken next to it. She screamed and called someone over to take care of it. She works at a tourist shop right next to the ruins in Palenque, so she released it there. She told us a lot of the tourists were taking pics of her releasing the snakes." GROSS. SICK NASTINESS. 
And why did she release it in the tourist-y part of town?! Questions that will forever go unanswered...

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