Breezy Days: My Mexico Skirt


August 19, 2013

My Mexico Skirt

Alllll the way back in 2004, my family and family friends {who actually spoke Spanish} took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico for a week. We spent our time on the beach, touring Chichen Itza {a Mayan ruin}, hitting the town {or as much as you can hit the town with 3 kids under 13}, and enjoying all the pina coladas we could manage to stuff into our stomachs. I got a few souvenirs from the trip including: a leather backpack, a mini purse made out of a real frog {which really grosses Ryan out}, and this Zara skirt. Which has now been dubbed "my mexico skirt". I don't know about you, but I associate different times in my life or experiences with particular jewelry, dresses, or clothing so when I wear them again, my heart fills with joy thinking of the last time I wore that item. Dorky, I know ;)
I remember walking into the Zara store in Cancun and being overcome with all the beautiful clothes, I begged my mom for at least ONE piece as a souvenir. We walked through the entire store and came across this amazing skirt, I tried it on...and it was perfect. I'm still surprised that my mom trusted an 8th grader with a $50 skirt...but the fact that I still have it in good condition today just shows how obsessed I am with clothing that is well made, makes me feel beautiful....
Annddddd flares out when I twirl around in it :)


Jan said...

That skirt looks so good on you! :) I don't think can pull that one off LOL

Jan Loves

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That's a great skirt Bri! I LOVE the shape of it!

Exploring My Style

Candace said...

Just adorable!!! :)

Rachel said...

I totally associate pieces of my wardrobe with special events and vacations and different times in my life, then when I wear them again, it's fun to revel in the memories of those times! And it's really awesome you still have and can still wear the skirt! I still wear a lot of my clothes from high school--but I don't think I had anything too special in 8th grade! :P

The Random Writings of Rachel

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

I love that skirt! So cute. I have seen those real frog purses down in Mexico, they totally gross me out too. Yuck!