Breezy Days: Yearly Traditions


December 25, 2011

Yearly Traditions

Every Christmas Eve we have the tradition of heading over to the grandparents.
We eat, talk, and do a short lil nativity skit that includes some acting and singing.

The catch is, that if you are one of the youngest cousins at the time, you get to play the acting parts.
AKA dress up.
So I've had many 'a years of being Mary, a wise man, an angel, then I finally graduated out.

Ryan wasn't so lucky...
Being the new son-in-law he got cast as the 'Roman' part.
He's still got a few more years of this till he graduates ;)
I apologize for the blurry pictures, but they had to be taken! {Gracias mom!}
This is my Christmas eve attire, finished off with this BOMB jaguar necklace.
 Sweater: Fossil. Jeans: AE. Shoes: H&M. Top: Loft. Belt: F21. Necklace: mom's.

My mom has had this necklace for ages and it hasn't been until now that I've really started to like it....
and want to steal it. And am going to steal it. 
It even has a matching claw bracelet. Ummm, there is the deal maker.
AND with my new hair cut, I'm able to tease the holy crap out of my hair to get that 50's 'do.
Ryan kept on calling me January Jones the whole night.
{from Mad Men}
We stuck to our Grossman Christmas movie night tradition, we hit the theaters to see whatever cool movie is out around Christmas time. The movie this year was Mission Impossible.
Way action packed! Definitely a must-see. 
BUT, if you don't like action packed, intense fighting, and on the-edge-of-your-seat moments, you won't like it. So don't blame me if you don't.

Well, I'm loving that I get to come home every year and join in {now with my bff} on all these Christmas traditions. Can't wait till I can make my own, but until then...
Present opening in 6-8 hours!!!

Hope you all have a 
From the Grossmans and the Rios familia!

<3 Bri


Elizabeth said...

LOVE your outfit!! Esp your hair!! Merry Christmas hun!

Robin said...

Sounds like a great start to the holiday! And your outfit is adorable! I absolutely love that sweater!
Merry Christmas darling!

Unknown said...

Thanks! That is one of my fav sweaters :) Merry Christmas to you both!

Sara Hinton said...

You have a super cute blog! Found you through Gentri Lee. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Unknown said...

Thank you!!! Glad you found me :) Merry Christmas!

Typical LDS girl said...

HAHAHAHA I love the pic of Cuz dressed up!