Breezy Days: Here's a Diet Coke to Hold You Over


December 29, 2011

Here's a Diet Coke to Hold You Over

Here's the sitch.
I'm in the midst of packing and getting ready to bounce to San Diego for my Grandparent's 50th anniversary/family reunion shindig. 

Aka, I won't be here for a couple of days.
 I have done some guest posting the past couple a days and hopefully that holds you over till I get back!
{The title is a reference to a family joke. My mom, aunts, husband and I love diet coke and if we are stressed or need to calm down, we drive through mickey d's for a dc to hold us over ;)}
{This is a DC in a boot. After the boys hiking trip. I guess this made sense to them.}

I did a New Years Resolution list on "Tales for Karina Marie"
With goals to: exercise more regularly, get crackin' on crafts, and to calllmmmm down!

 I also did the Marriage, Love, and Fun Feature on "Life Like Honey"
I asked Ryan if he would pitch it on this post and I'm really glad on how it turned out!
We tell the story of  how we met, some struggles that we have overcome so far in our marriage, and how to keep the overflowing love well, overflowing. 

This weekend is gonna be well-documented with my handy-dandyyyy Iphone camera!
{Mom's know what that is a reference too :)}
We are doing a huge family olympics, playing ping pong, swimming, taking family pictures, and throwing a dinner party in celebration of my grandparent's anniversary & of family being together.

With all my new Christmas goodies {ok, just a bunch of clothes I picked out for myself that my mom wouldn't let me have until Christmas, she even wrapped it all}, I can show off all my new clothes and shoes! Oh the poor boys, they aren't huge fans of being photographers of my outfits. But that's why I love them, cause they do it anyways :) 

Welp, I'll see ya on the flip side! 

<3 Bri


Little Tranquility said...

Diet Coke holds precious memories for me, too. One of my best friends passed recently and large diet Cokes were her favorite. We have endless photos of her drinking them. I buy them all the time now. Probably too much, haha. <3


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend :/ I totally feel ya, I'm starting to become a DC addict!