Breezy Days: Weird Things Wednesday: Braceface


December 21, 2011

Weird Things Wednesday: Braceface

I'm totally neurotic about my teeth.
It could be the fact that I have 3 dentists in my family, including my dad.
Or that I won "Best Smile" in high school and definitely take pride in it. {Sad huh?}
Or that I absolutely love smiling and laughing.

I got a semi-permanent retainer on the back of my top teeth and over the past few years it has started to unravel, it torqued my two front teeth to make one of them stick out in front of the other.
It has been driving me freaking insane over the past year.
Finally, I now have the time and courage to get them back on.

Which leaves me to now, officially with braces on again. 
Here are the weird things about them:

1. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror with them on, I instantly flashed back to my 8th grade year. Oh gosh. Everyone hated middle school for a reason.
2. Ryan has always said he liked the fact that he married someone younger, now everyone's gonna think I'm 16 again. Hooray for him?

3. As soon as I walk in the door my brothers they can't take their eyes off my mouth. 
Then they start laughing. Thanks guys.

4. I keep running my tongue over my teeth cause it doesn't feel real. I'm in a dream!
5. When I told the orthodontist {who is a perfectionist} that my teeth were bugging me, he looked at them and said "Oh ya, they are bugging me too". Skunk! haha

6. Now I have to practice smiling with my mouth closed, I never usually do that cause people tell me I look pissed! 


7. Only 4-6 months of the weirdness! 

Be prepared for random brace posts and awkward smiling pictures.

<3 Bri


Bri Lamkin said...

Hey, my name is Bri, too. :) How fun. You are super cute.

Ashley said...

bummer you had to get braces back on, but at least its only for 4-6 months, after that your teeth will be shiny and new again. dont stop smiling though, its who you are, and braces shouldnt change that :)

Kayleigh said...

i love that last picture. haha. also, went dress shopping with my sister and saw the dress you bought on a mannequin. looked much prettier on you and with the pretty alterations!

Unknown said...

Hey other Bri! And you are mega cute too. Let's be friends! And thanks Ashley :) Once I get my mouth situated around the metal I'll be smiling normal again :) And I keep repeated to myself 'Perfect teeth perfect teeth'. Maybe I should start doing that with working out....'perfect body perfect body'. haha!

Unknown said...

Kayleigh, my wedding dress? Cause the people at Davids Bridal were lame and wouldn't put the sleeves on, so I got it done elsewhere. And thanks! Any luck with the dress shopping??

Kristin said...

Aw you poor thing, I can't imagine having to have braces again - they look perfectly adorable on you though! Hope your mouth isn't too sore! These pictures are so cute, haha.

Kristin said...

Aw you poor thing, I can't imagine having to have braces again - they look perfectly adorable on you though! Hope your mouth isn't too sore! These pictures are so cute, haha.

Karla Khodanian said...

Thank you so much for your wonderfully sweet comment on my blog, and also for posting my button! I put yours up on my site as well :)

I love your blog, and I'm so glad you found mine! I know all too well the woes of dental work, but 4-6 months is not too bad. I say rock those braces with total confidence! I think that you look adorable in them and not at all awkward like I did back in the day haha.


Kayleigh said...

haha, not YOUR wedding dress. one like the one you bought. but yours was very much prettier with the alterations on it. friggin' david's bridal charges and arm and a leg for alterations! also, yes. :) i got my dress last week. first dress i tried on. and your homemade gifts are lovely. i know that's your next post, but i'm commenting here. haha. :) merry christmas!

Typical LDS girl said...

HAHAHA I love number 2 and 5. Just be glad you're not trying to date with I did for two of my college years. :P Love you hope you've had a fantabulous break!