Breezy Days: Just Another Random Monday


December 5, 2011

Just Another Random Monday

Jeans: Fossil. Sweater: Loft. Scarf: Nordstroms. Earrings: gift. Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

1. Seriously my favorite jeans ever.
My Fossil boyfriend cut jeans.
Through fat and skinny days they have fit and made me feel good.
And after 5 years they are still chic, cute, and flattering.
2. These are my LLAMA EARRINGS.
I got them for my birthday from a couple of my besties and they are freaking awesome.
I always bug my mom asking for a llama for my b-day/Christmas.
And apparently she doesn't love me cause I don't have a llama named Sassafrass in the yard.
3. And here is Ryan attacking me while I try to take pictures of the Christmas decor.
Fail. I'll put that on another post. 
4. Ryan's creep look.
5. Finally, here is the Breezy Days creations I've been worked on all Thanksgiving break with mi madre. The cute flower pins. There are tons of Christmas ones so if you want to buy one as a present, let me know!
So I can make one up for you and send it :) 

<3 Bri


Kayleigh said...

first, i almost bought boyfriend jeans but wasn't sure how i felt about them. this post has made me a believer (because they look fan-friggin'-tastic on you). :)

second, ryan totally looks like such a creeper in that picture. looks like he's creepin' on checkin' out your butt. haha.

Unknown said...

You are just too sweet and nice ALL the freaking time! And you should totally get some boyfriend jeans, they are some of my favorites.
And when is Ryan not creepin' on my behind? That's the real question here.