Breezy Days: Gifting Mania & Reality Shows


December 23, 2011

Gifting Mania & Reality Shows

It's now almost 3am California time and I can't seem to fall asleep.
Here is my finished Christmas gifts, done while watching all the lame Real Housewives shows.
Definitely Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, none of that Atlanta crap. So un-classy.
I got lots of the cheap pretzel rods and dipped them in melted Wiltons chocolate.
Then they were sprinkled with with Christmas-y sprinkles.
Here is my gift making table which includes:
Target dollar section buckets
Snowmen/Smores mugs
Pretzel rods 
Hot chocolate packets
Candy Canes
Kisses & Kit Kats
Gingerbread shaped marshmellows
Dollar store cellophane
Hot Apple Cider candles
Here is a tupperware filled with Andes mint cookies and Peanut Butter cookies. 
I've already eaten like 5-7 of each. 
I really need to hold up to that New Years Resolution of:
'Going to the gym on a consistent basis' 
Or I'm not gonna be able to fit in my clothes anymore after the break!
Here is my table filled of gifts! 
Friends and family who remembered to fork over their addresses, watch out for these in the mail with your name on it!
All in all, I love making handmade gifts, writing my own little notes and seeing the joy on friends&family's faces when they see the gift.
Another one of my favorite feelings ever :)

By the way late night MTV shows are all dating shows, cracks me up cause is this how people meet each other to date if they don't go to college?!
How do people find each their soulmate otherwise? Any stories to share?

I'm off to bed cause now I'm just rambling.
<3 Bri

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Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

Totally agree! Handmade gifts are the best - I made some cute cocoa in mason jars to add to my besties' gifts and I am so glad I included them! Love all your treats!

Hope you have a happy holiday season <3