Breezy Days: Those Sneaky Devils


December 2, 2011

Those Sneaky Devils

To tell you the truth, I really have nothing witty to say today.
I'm just so grateful that it's the weekend now and I can semi-relax. 
Then comes finals, then break, then Disneyland, then San Diego, then Christmas, then New Years Eve Party.
Um, so much fun?
Jacket: Michael Kors. Sweater: Target. Skirt, Scarf: Loft. Boots: ?. Tights: BYU bookstore. Glasses: Vera Wang.
Flower Pin: Breezy Days Shop.

And the picture above, I didn't know Ry was taking it yet, so I look kinda ticked.
Maybe it was my subconscious coming through cause I forgot to bring those dang RedBox movies again to return them. 
Redbox preys on the lazy. Too lazy to go to a real movie theater, so you get a Redbox movie to watch in your own home.
 Then too lazy and forgetful to return it. Sneaky sneaky. That's where they make their dollars. 

 Time to do laundry, return the dang movies, pick up the dry cleaning, and hopefully peruse in the Target dollar section.
My favorite place :)

Have a good weekend!
<3 Bri

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