Breezy Days: Pinterest Picks: Jewelry


December 13, 2011

Pinterest Picks: Jewelry

If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you are one lucky dog because it is completely addicting.
Almost as addicting as: facebook, blogging, online shopping, and shoe shopping.
It's that serious.

It is an online site where you can see something you like, and you can post it to your own virtual pinboard.
It has an array of: outfit ideas, jewelry, beautiful heels, DIY project tutorials, how-to's, business ideas, recipes, workouts, inspirational quotes, cute printables, you name it they got it!
Cool, huh?
Here is the site link to sign up!

Here are some of my favorite jewelry pics that I have pinned to my own board.


These are just a few of the bazillion pins I have. Take a look and follow me there!
Have fun! 

<3 Bri


Unknown said...

Bri!!!! Oh man, we have very similar likes. I just died a little because there are so many beautiful images in your pinterest account. Followed you!!

Gentri said...

That bee necklace is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Ahhh thanks Emily! And I really have a pinterest addicion...I think I'm over 2000 pins now? It's kinda sad. haha. And Gentri, I LOVE that necklace! Probably my favorite. I already have a bee necklace but I would love something like that too.