Breezy Days: 6 Months


December 4, 2011

6 Months

Today marks Ryan and I's 6 month anniversary! 
It's weird how fast time flies when you're having fun.
Met: October 22, 2010.
First date: November 3, 2010.
Facebook official bf/gf: December 1, 2010.
He met the fam: December 3, 2010.
Ryan's first trip ever to Disneyland: December 4, 2010.
Decided to get married: January 2011.
Actually engaged: March 31, 2011.
Married: June 4, 2011. 

When you know, you know. Right?
What did we do today?
Go to church. Do dishes. And eat mass amounts of brownies. 
Yup, we are wayyy romantic.

I made this beauty last night and we totes ate most all of it today.
We LOVE brownies.
Brownie Fruit Pizza.

I'll post the recipe tomorrow cause seriously, it is so dang delicious.
 Ryan is pullin' me to watch The Office and to cuddle. Love having a constant cuddle buddy.
So I gotta go!

<3 Bri


Unknown said...

WOW! SUPER fast courtship. You go girl!

Unknown said...

After a continuous string of weirdo dates, I finally had one were I just clicked! It made sense:) And thanks!! :)