Breezy Days: A Christmas Picture Book


December 21, 2011

A Christmas Picture Book

This is what I call a 'Picture Book' post.
Lots of pretty pictures to look at with some quick story captions.
Have fun!
My parents love decorating...there's no mystery where I got that from!
They did a "The Grinch Stole Christmas" themed decor.
Everything bright green, red, with some crazy accents!
The Grinch-y stockings with fun ribbon everywhere!
This is our back patio, decked out in greenery, lights, and ornaments.
This is part of the front yard, another tree decked in ornaments!
I promise I'll take some pictures of everything lit up, it's magical :)
My mom cut out the wood, sanded it, and painted both the Window Santa and Hanging Snowman.
She is so dang talented and the most creative person I know!
This is my bestest friend Sterling Addison Randle.
He is serving an LDS mission in Roanake, Texas.
He got hit by a car earlier this week while on his bike. 
She nicked his back wheel which caused him to flip forward off his bike and he landed on his feet in the middle of the street.
Luckily he made it away safe and sound. The bike sadly did not.
Knowing him, the dork was probably upset someone didn't film it, and put it on youtube.
Grateful for all the many prayers and blessings that go out to the missionaries :)
A Christmas miracle!
I've now recruited my youngest brother Jesse into taking pictures of me.
I decided Evan and Ryan needed a good break.
I LOVE this motorcycle jacket. I got it from Styles for Less ages ago and it goes with absolutely everything. From dresses, to jeans, to dressy and casual. It was only 20 bucks too. SCORE.
Jacket: Styles for Less. Jeans: Forever 21. Scarf: Loft. Flats: H&M. Bracelet, Necklace: Fossil. Top: American Eagle.

I couldn't balance to save my life and actually almost fell off.
I need to start hitting up some more Zumba classes to get my balance back!
Not like I was that coordinated to begin with...but at least it motivates me to hit up the gym, right?

So I have a "Weird Things Wednesday" guest post lined up for tomorrow here!
Stay tuned!
Annnnddd on top of it...I'll be a braceface again tomorrow. An explanation post soon so come.

<3 Bri


erica marie said...

I love how festive everything, seriously awesome the stockings.

xo erica

Unknown said...

Hooray happy Christmas decorations and family and safe missionaries! How awesome. :) You look adorable in that jacket. So cute.
I have two new buttons on my blog if you'd like to swap! I'll be stealing one of yours...

Unknown said...

Thanks Erica and Chelsea! And I totally saw your new buttons so I will totes be stealing one :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

that patio is amazing.
and i love the stripey/grinchy wrapping paper.