Breezy Days: The Start of Summer


May 2, 2013

The Start of Summer

These are some pictures from our first weekend here; pedicures with my mom, salmon Sunday dinner with the fam, and decorating our new 'lil place with some clearance stuff from Target. Woot woot!

Ryan is co-managing a pest control team here in So-Cal which means long hours {8:30am-8pm} all day everyday {except for Sunday}, but it also means that all his hard work will pay off majorly at the end of the summer. 
I'm especially excited for this summer because our last summer of doing sales in Portland, OR was absolutely the most miserable thing ever {I'll have to save that story for another post}. Lots of gloomy days, hard to sell doors, illnesses, and family drama served for a less than savory summer! This summer is already shaping up to be a wayyy better time and I couldn't be more stoked. Even more so cause it's been almost 3 years since I've spent a summer in California. I already got some pool time planned for tomorrow, I'm going to my brother's basketball team car wash this Saturday, and I start my internship next week {which I'll also have to explain in another post!}...aka life is good :) 
By the way, is anyone else participating in Harley & Jane's "Outfit of the Day Everyday In May" Insta-challenge? Check it out here for more information, it's super fun!


Lauren said...

All the summery posts are going to start and here in Australia its just starting to get into the colder weather! My feet were puffy from being pregnant in the last month of the warmer weather, so I'm a little jealous of your sandal wearing! Good luck with your internship next week!


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I love hearing about your awesome new adventure! Glad these days are looking up for you!

Samantha Elizabeth said...

Sounds like so much fun! The Instagram challenge is an awesome idea!


Harley said...

thanks for the shout out lady!