Breezy Days: What I'm Afraid Of


May 7, 2013

What I'm Afraid Of

I finally gave in and am doing the "Blog Every Day in May" challenge...but let's be real. I'll probably only end up doing it on days when I'm not working on my internship or soaking up sun by the pool. I tried keeping up with the Outfit Of the Day Every Day May and totally failed yesterday when I wore sweats all day. Oops!! Anywho, today is Day 7 of the blogging challenge and we are supposed to write about what we are most afraid of.

Plain and simple, I'm afraid of losing someone close to me.
It's miserable having those nightmares where someone close to me dies in a car accident/surgery/shooting. I wake up breathing heavily, drenched in sweat, and reaching for Ryan to make sure he is alright. Then for the phone to double check that there are no phone messages filled with horrible news. I have not lost anyone close to me as of yet, and I'm afraid that I have it "too good to be true". A little pessimistic, huh?? I'll admit that I'm a little neurotic, but could you blame me? I would like to keep my family close to me and will do so for as long as humanly possible. And thank the stars that I believe that families are forever or else my anxiety would definitely be getting the best of me! :)

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Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

That's exactly my greatest fear too. Seriously, the worst.