Breezy Days: Piece(s) of Advice


May 8, 2013

Piece(s) of Advice

"Day 8: A piece of advice for others. Anything at all."
Can I have a bazillion pieces of advice?? 
Since it's my blog, I shall allow it. 

Here's my all-inclusive advice list:
+ say thank you when someone opens the door for you, and hold the door open for others
+ smile & nod your head when a stranger looks your way
+ don't be a doormat for the sake of peace, stand up for what you believe is right
+ learn to communicate in a healthy way with others
+ after eating sweets all day, don't...I repeat DON'T chill in the jacuzzi later that night. you'll get such a horrible stomachache that lasts all the next day. it's not worth it!
+ when you "fail" in reaching towards your goal, pick yourself back up again and keep working at it
+ endure to the end! even though the end seems so far away, keep working towards your goal! the time will pass anyways, so why not constantly improve yourself? 
+ get to know your in-laws before you get married, so you know what situation you're stepping in to!
+ when you need help, ask for it. don't allow yourself to suffer in silence
+ when you're stressed out; a shower, some food, and a little rest can do wonders
+ take care of yourself! put good food in your body, exercise it, and treat it right
+ to make sure your lips don't chap with lipstick on...first exfoliate your lips then put your face moisturizer on them. voila! lipstick doesn't move all day and your lips don't chap up
+ read read read! books let you step into another world or reality, even if it's just for a little bit
+ be grateful for the little things. the sun, family, bright nail polish, the beach, etc 


Anonymous said...

Yay! Great advice. My fav might be the jacuzzi one though :)

Michaela said...

I love all of this! Especially like the door one...I've found living in LA, people just don't know that courtesy!

Nina the selfish seamstress said...

This definitely made me giggle and nod!
"say thank you when someone opens the door for you, and hold the door open for others.
smile & nod your head when a stranger looks your way."
I hate when you smile or say hello and they either don't acknowledge you or they stare like you have an ear in the middle of your forehead and walk away! What gives?!

Jen Castagno said...

great advice. especially about reading. my mom used to always tell me that readers are leaders haha

Lex said...

This is probably one of my favorite outfits of yours. :)

And I give your advice two thumbs up and will be trying that lipstick tip tomorrow! My lips get so chapped when I wear lipstick, it's ridiculous!

Hope you're enjoying California. :)

Lauren said...

Great little pieces of advice! It really is amazing what a shower, some food and a rest can do for you when you're stressed out! I'm linking this post next week in my Monday 'start your week off with..' feature.


Halie Renee said...

Love this. You gave some good advice, and I enjoyed it! :)

shay said...

The in-law's are so so true! I am thankful for super nice ones!!!! Love, love, love your shoes by the way!

elise rogers said...

You are Beautiful!!!! I LOVE your blog!! Adorable! I followed on GFC:)
A Lifetime of Rain