Breezy Days: Desperate Sales Wives of OC East


May 11, 2013

Desperate Sales Wives of OC East

One of the others wives on the team, Amelia {my new bff}, has now dubbed us the Desperate Housewives of OC East {that's the name of the sales team our husbands are on, OC East that is, not the desperate sales wives haha}. We are not desperate by any means, except for maybe a little attention from the husbys? Right when they get home at 8:30 at night they are all ours! No more killing bugs!

Our husbands are gone from 8 in the the morning to 8 at night Monday through Friday, then on Saturdays they are gone from 8 to 4. Then when they do get home all they talk about is customers, knocking doors, and killing bugs. Which means that us wives gotta stick together. If only for our sanity!
We coupon together, grocery shop, work out, run errands, get eyebrows waxed, debate dying her hair or my eyebrows, make lunch/dinner, stuff our faces with smores bars, hit the pool/jacuzzi together, do laundry, watch Vampire Diaries on Netflix,  and more and more and more....honestly the list could go on for days. 

We stick it out for these 4 months out of the year so we can take it easy and focus on school from September to April. It works for us as long as we are in school, once we graduate who knows where the crap we'll be and what we'll be doing?? Until then, here's to the Desperate Sales Wives saga!


Samantha Elizabeth said...

This is an awesome post! Made me laugh :)
Thanks for sharing!


Courtney B said...

Thank goodness you have each other to hangout with until the craziness ends! My husband leaves at ^;30 AM and is usually home between 6-7 at night. But sometimes he gets called back in to work or has to go in on the weekends. I'm grateful for his job but it's a bummer having him gone so much! I need a good group of girlfriends to keep me company!!