Breezy Days: Cupcakes


May 20, 2013


My fellow sales wife Amelia is pretty much the best chef of all time. She whips up dinners and desserts like it's second nature! Last week we made {ok, she mostly made} these delicious vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting...yummmm. We brought them to the sales team and the boys narfed them right up! We decided that not only does it show our {ok, her} awesome baking skills, but that it also means we can make as many sweets as we want this summer. We will only feel obligated to eat one or two cause the guys will finish the rest of them off! Thus, we don't have to worry about stuffing our faces with sweets when we don't feel like making real food and consequently worrying about looking like a cupcake on the beach. A win win my friends.


Samantha Elizabeth said...

yummm! Those look so good. I want some!


Unknown said...

That looks absolutely delicious!!!