Breezy Days: Positive Thinking


May 1, 2013

Positive Thinking

Even after a year and a half or so of blogging I still get all sketched out if anyone is watching me take outfit pictures...yes that includes the mailman in the background, a little kid whizzing by every five seconds on his bike, and the Indian dude to the side of me {not pictured} yelling angrily in another language at someone on the phone {I felt sorry for whoever that was, I'm sure that he definitely ruined their day}.

It's been a rough start here in California. Between having to fight tooth and nail to get internet installed and working, living on a dime {actually a penny}, having to get our fridge replaced because the last one didn't work and it spoiled all of our food, and realizing we forgot to pack important things {such as: trash bags, dishwashing soap, toothbrushes and the like}, you could say it's been an emotion-filled past couple of days.
You know what though? I'm reallly making an effort to stay positive and optimistic. After all, we have been looking forward to moving here for the past few months and I can't let a few hiccups ruin that! Especially since I've got my friends and family close by, the sun is out & warming my skin, Ryan and I have great jobs/internship opportunities that we are excited about, a paycheck is only a 'lil ways away, plus I'm happy & Ryan's happy...and that's all that really matters, right? :)


Courtney said...

Sorry to hear your first few days here have been rough! Let me know if you guys need anything =)

Kelsey Bang said...

you got it girl! your right, stay positive! its worth it! you look so cute! sorry to hear its tuff though! I am excited for all your new ca adventures though!

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! We're neighbors! Well..not really..but closer than before! Haha! Sorry for the rough patch..Hopefully it will be smooth sailing soon!

Welcome to CALIFORNIA!



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Natalie said...

you got this! but, i will say feeling down sounds pretty justified. who needs toothbrushes anyway, right?

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

I'm sorry to hear about all that girl. Things will look up!:)

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

Hi nat I love you and I love that you comment on bris blog :)

Genna said...

To begin, like I said on Instagram you are gorgeous and I really do need you to come to Ohio ASAP to style me. Also, moving for even a little while can be rough. I moved last summer for an internship to a big city (small town girl) where I knew few people and man was it rough. The good news is you have a loving husband to help you along the way!