Breezy Days: Let Me Fix My Hurr


May 4, 2013

Let Me Fix My Hurr

I am finally making it a point to figure out how to do different things with my hair other than my lazy ponytail or the always-favorite messy top knot/ballerina bun. Seeing as how I'm an "adult" and need to look semi-presentable most days of the week, I gotta shake some things up. I used Robyn's fishtail tutorial the other day and was so excited with how it turned out! Very boho chic :) Today I used Ashley's french braid turned into a messy bun tutorial that I found on Pinterest {shocker, how did we ever live without Pinterest before?} and my hurr looks AWESOME if I do say so myself. Here are some other hair-do's that I'm looking forward to trying out: piecy pony, different ways to wear your bangs, and a rolled up-do
Happy weekend!

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