Breezy Days: Weekend Update: Sodalicious + The Tortilla Bar


December 16, 2013

Weekend Update: Sodalicious + The Tortilla Bar

Last Thursday was our last day of classes, so Ryan & I totally partied it up! We visited this new place called Sodalicious in Provo on Friday...and OMG. I've been craving it everyday since. I got the "Your Mom Extra Dirty", which is a Dr. Pepper with lime and coconut in it. I haven't had soda in months, and usually when I take a sip of soda after such a long drought it burns my throat...but this was just downright delicious and there was no searing soda throat burn. Plus their sugar cookies are divine, so you have to go & let me know what you think!!

In the spirit of "no more classes", we decided to be super adventurous and try out The Tortilla Bar up in Orem for our date on Saturday. We were the only ones at the restaurant which was odd to me, seeing as how it was only 9:30 on a date night. Also, when you look at the menu and there aren't any know you're in trouble.

It was a three course meal with a salad, appetizer, and meal; and while it was good quality and very delicious, it wouldn't be my go-to place for dinner. We were being stared down by the waitress the entire time, and the chef was scolding the other workers in Spanish. Telling them how lazy they are and how he was going to cut their breaks and meal privileges; which obviously made for a tense evening. 

Also, for Provo/Orem standards it was a little price-y {and while I hate making that excuse, because I'll pay whatever for amazing food}, I don't think the environment and food made up for the price tag at the end of the date. Despite all of that, Ryan and I still had a great time spicing it up and trying something new instead of going to our same go-to places. 

This weekend was also full of crazed gift shopping and gift wrapping! So when I found these prints in an Etsy shop, Alexa Z Design by a fellow UT blogger Lex, I fell in love. I picked up the LA temple for my parents and the SLC temple for my mother-in-law, and put them in these adorable frames from Target, which make for the most awesome Christmas presents! I got myself a frame and can't wait 'till Lex puts up the San Diego temple she just drew {so I can add it to my gallery wall} :)

Last week I started watching Friends from the very beginning {now I'm on season 4}, so that it what my Sunday night consisted of. Watching Friends next to my heater and in the glow of the Christmas lights. This week I have my English final on Tuesday, Conducting on Wednesday, and a Jazz essay I need to email in by Friday. The goal is to be completely done by Wednesday night, so I can finally enjoy being free! Good luck to students with finals, and to everyone else with crazy Christmas shopping crowds ;)

End of Finals Countdown: T-2 days


Unknown said...

I've been wanting to try Sodalicious for a while!! & I love your honest opinion about the tortilla bar haha.

Danielle V. said...

Woah, Sodalicious sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing! :)

Alexa Zurcher said...

cute frames!! thanks for featuring me on your blog. *squeal*

have a happy day! xoxo