Breezy Days: 2013 in Review


December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

+ Received confirmation on Evan's safety in his Villahermosa, Mexico mission
+ Alayna's birthday party at the ice skating rink, and Ryan's first time ever ice skating
+ My rant about the division of Marrieds vs. Non-Marrieds on BYU's campus

+ My family all met at the St. George temple to go through with Evan for the first time
+ What us silly bloggers say & do sometimes ;)

+ Celebrating Easter Sunday at church, then later with some friends that are pretty much family
+ What they don't tell you about sending off an LDS missionary 

+ A Spring fashion show with my blogger BFF Kyla, at the Fashion Place mall
+ Things only a true Californian would know
+ First time ever to Provo's Bijou Market, and picked up some delicious jam

+ Our move down to Southern California for pest control sales & the official start of summer
+ Some pieces of advice from yours truly 
+ When my tire blew out & some complete strangers showed me some unexpected kindness

+ Our 2 year anniversary celebrated at Newport Beach & with my favorite pan dulce
+ What I've learned so far in my 2 years of marriage
+ Going down to San Diego for the weekend & celebrating Father's Day with Brazilian meat
+ A crazy 2 day kamikaze trip to Utah 

+ Our awesome Fourth of July with friends and family
+ The most terrific California weekend: Six Flags, Newport Beach, & an outing with friends
+ Lawn-Gate...when we almost got kicked out of our home for having a yellow lawn
+ The first installment of the Adventures With Elder Evs

+ Learning how to make legit cupcakes from the bakery master herself
+ After Lawn-Gate, we finally got word back that we could stay in our home. Whatta relief!
+ Secretly cheering for more married friends

+ I don't know 'bout you...but I'm feelin' twenty-twoooo
+ Going to a BYU football game with my parents & getting caught in the most insane rainstorm of all time
+ The rough trek getting home to Provo & falling in love with my home all over again

+ Dressing up as Mario & Princess Peach for a couples Halloween party
+ Continuing on with my obsession for Halloween decorations
+ The Harvest Your Fashion at Francesca's blogger party 
+ Ryan's 27th birthday, celebrated with a pineapple upside down cake all to himself

+ We spent Thanksgiving in Portland, OR with Ryan's family & finally took some family pictures
+ My first Thanksgiving day away from immediate family
+ Placed in Quarterfinals at BYU Dancesport in the Pasodoble 
+ First time trying out Voodoo Doughnuts & it was worth every sugary bite

+ Finally got some snow in Provo & completely froze my rear off
+ A tutorial on how to make amazingly delicious Oreo Pops
+ Fun adventures to Disneyland, the day after Christmas


bashashhazbaz said...

this is a great post! those are some awesome memories! i hope that 2014 is just as exciting for you!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Looks like quite the amazing year. Also, that last picture, your hat is so cute. And you are gorgeous!

DreamNT said...

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