Breezy Days: Lawn-Gate


July 29, 2013


 It has been an extremely stressful few days, which is funny considering I felt inspired to write this post on prayer the other day...and now I've been non-stop praying that things will work out for us.

On Friday we were sent an email saying that the property owner of our place in Provo was extremely upset to see our front lawn starting to yellow and instead of giving us time to fix it, he instructed our management company not to re-new our contract. Which means we would have the next 15 days to find a new place and move out, with our roots {internship/job} still in California left to finish, and 2 weeks before school starts. Ridiculous right? So we dropped everything and drove up 10 hours through the night to get here. Come to find out, the switch that controls the sprinklers had been accidentally turned off around a week ago, which caused parts of the lawn to yellow.

We have been watering, mowing, edging, planting, and weeding non-stop to get this front yard back to pristine condition in hopes that the owner will take pity on us. Just in case he doesn't, we have looked into other options for housing. Talk about having the rug ripped out from under you.
We met with management this morning, and I was a nervous wreck the entire time. Pit in my stomach, dry throat, palm sweating, stammering kind of nervous. We {ok, mostly Ryan} explained the situation and asked if they would please be understanding. Especially since we sprung into action once we were informed of the issue, took control, and handled it. He gave us the response that regardless, we were still responsible for the lawn, even if we were out of state and had no clue about it. Also, he would have to talk to the owner and see what he has to say about it, and that he will get back to us tomorrow...

So now we play the waiting game. Will we get to stay? If we don't, will I stay in Utah to move us into a new place? When is Ryan going to head back to California to finish his work for the summer? Will we fight to stay in the house regardless?

What I do feel better about are the following things: that we have found a couple of options of apartments to move into, the rain is pouring down to green up our lawn, and that I seriously have the bestest friends, family, and husband in the entire world. {All of these answered prayers??}
Wish us luck!


Bree said...

Oh my gosh Bri!! I am soooo sorry. That is seriously not your guys fault at all, and I would be SO glad to have awesome tenants like you guys that rushed to do something about it immediately!

Praying that everything works out. God is in control and he knows where you guys need to be!

Love you- call me if you want to chat/vent.

...mmm yeah, just call me anyways. :D


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

omg!! That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard, i am so sorry they are being bugs about it!! i hope it all works out!

Alayna said...

Wow Bri... Provo housing sucks. We moved away and it is STILL causing us problems. Way to fight back! Thats what we're doing too. I hope it all works out for you and your cute little house. Good luck! Miss you guys

Amberly said...

Oh man, that is so frustrating!!!! I wish our management would care as much about what their property looked like :P Just because they don't take care of it like they should and our apartment complex is a mess sometimes.


Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

That's really crappy. I'm trying to put myself in a property owner's shoes (as I had a brief stint as a homeowner) and I would say good renters are really hard to find and if you pay your rent on time I'd not want to risk losing you over something like this. Knowing that you drove all those hours to fix the problem and that you pay on time should be enough for them to decide to keep you. It's not like you were intentionally being destructive.

alex said...

I love your jacket and shirt combination<3! Great style!